College of the
About College of the Redwoods


Student Success and Access: We put students first, ensuring that student learning, advancement, and access are pivotal to all we do.

Educational Excellence and Innovation: We value ongoing and systematic planning and evaluating methods that move us toward excellence.

Honoring Diversity: We value all members of our community and strive to create a diverse, nurturing, honest, and open environment.

Participatory Governance:
We value ethical behavior and strive to create a culture where all students, staff, faculty and administrators engage in inclusive, ongoing and self-reflective decision making.

Environmental Awareness:
 We value the environment and the need to minimize our impacts upon it, utilizing sustainable practices and acting as global citizens.

Community Development: We value the economic and intellectual development of the various communities we serve.

Supportive Culture: We strive to create a supportive, problem-solving culture, and we recognize the proven usefulness of an interest-based approach (IBA) for achieving trust, cooperation and effective problem solving.??