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4. Register for Classes

General Registration (For Credit Courses)

Registration is the process by which students officially enroll in a class or classes. At CR, there are three terms and thus three registration periods, each year: a 16-week fall semester, a 16-week spring semester, and a summer session.

Students may register via the web using WebAdvisor. Assistance using WebAdvisor is available at each campus. New and returning students, as well as all continuing students, will be assigned specific registration dates and times for each term. Students may not register before the specified time, but may register at any time after the specified time has passed.

Registering to Audit a Course

When a student audits a course, it means that s/he intends to sit in on that course on a regular basis, but does not wish to receive any academic credit for it. Community members and students are welcome to audit courses on a space-available basis. This determination may not be made until after the first class meeting, to ensure that students wanting to take the course for credit have every opportunity to enroll before those wishing to audit the class are added to it.

Those wishing to audit a course must:

  • Complete the regular CR Application Form;
  • Complete the prerequisites for the course (if any);
  • Obtain an Audit Form from the Admissions and Records Office;
  • Obtain the signature of the instructor to verify that s/he approves of the audit;
  • Return the form to the Admissions and Records Office;
  • Pay the required fees (unit fees are non-reimbursable).? The BOG does not cover audit fees.
  • No student shall be permitted to change his/her enrollment in a course for credit to audit or vice versa.

Audited courses will appear on the student?s permanent record (transcript) but no grades or credits will be recorded.

Students enrolled in ten or more credit units in a given term will not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer credit units in that same term.

Limitations on Enrollment

Students who fall into the following categories may not be allowed to register:

  • Students who are on academic probation are subject to dismissal from the college. These students will be required to meet with an academic counselor before they are allowed to register for classes. (See page 27 for more information.)
  • Students who want to register for more than 18 units. These students will need approval from an academic counselor or advisor.
  • Students who are subject to conduct suspension or dismissal from the college. These students may only register if they have approval from the Vice President or his designee (Eureka Campus, Eureka Downtown Instructional Site, Klamath/Trinity Instructional Site, Arcata Instructional Site) or the Deans of the Mendocino Coast and Del Norte Educational Centers.

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