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Assessment Process at CR

Process for Course-Level Assessment

before Review the learning outcomes, plan, and past assessments for your course.

during Conduct the assessment.
  • Have your students do the assessment, whether it is a writing assignment, project, embedded exam question, survey, performance, demonstration, etc. and make a record of the assessment results.
  • The Assessment Coordinator and Deans can answer questions about the process and methods of assessment.

end Report assessments and participate in dialogue
  • Report assessment results using the Assessment Reporting Tool OR participate in a dialogue session with colleagues assessing the same course. This dialogue can occur in person, by phone, or electronically. One person should be selected to submit report.
    Spring reports due in reporting tool on September 15.
  • 'Close the loop' on previous assessment based recommendations. Open loops should be closed the next time the outcome is assessed after implementing the recommended change. No specific deadline.