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Community and Social Services Training (038639)

Dates:           5/18-7/22 2015

Days:            Mondays and Wednesdays

Time:             8:30am -12:30pm

Fee:               $650

Class Limit:    16

Location:       525 D Street, Eureka; Room: 111& 105

Instructor:      Ali Lee

This course is designed to quickly train people for entry into service vocations. Employment relating to this training can be found in the healthcare, education, non-profit, and government sectors in such positions as case managers, client advocates, eligibility workers, respite workers, client support workers, and more.

This Community & Social Service training will prepare students to negotiate social systems and the regulations and confidentiality that govern them, to set and maintain professional boundaries, to understand the cultural and social influences that can affect persons in need, as well as help trainees to develop the self-awareness and empathy required for service work. In addition to classroom instruction, students will receive hands-on experience through a 6-week, community-based externship*. This training is designed for both individuals with no prior experience as well as those looking to augment previous social service training or work experience.

Funds to assist with costs are available to qualifying low-income or laid-off workers. The deadline to apply for these funds is May 4th, 2015. For more details call the Job Market at 441-JOBS (5627) or check the website at www.thejobmarket.org

*Background, drug screenings, and entry requirements for externships may be required.


Get the Word Out! (038353)

Dates:            May 8th and 9th

Days:             Friday and Saturday
Time:             Friday: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM; Sat.: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Fee:               $55.00

Class Limit:    26
Location:       333 6th Street, Eureka; Room: Suite B

Instructor:      Tracy O’Connell

Do you want to promote a small business, non-profit, or perhaps yourself? This course taught by a lifelong public relations professional will show you how to attract media attention, identify the people you want to communicate with, build a following online, establish yourself as an expert, and bring people to your business or event.

Class Flyer


Contagious Motivation (for the workplace) (038348)

Dates:             March 30 – 31, 2015
             Monday and Tuesday

Times:            3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Fee:               $99

Class Limit:     20
Location:        CR Community Education, 525 D street Eureka
Instructor:      Garry Nelson

Motivated employees are more productive employees and more inspiring to friends and coworkers. Learn the skills as a manager, employee, or team leader to create an infectious motivated culture with all-around benefits. Practice constructive feedback techniques and learn how to identify negative situations early-on and turn them around.


Beginning Bookkeeping With Quickbooks 2014 (037804)

Dates:               April 6th - May 12th, 2015
Days:                Mondays and Tuesdays
Time:                3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Fee:                  $495
Class Limit:       16
Location:          CR Community Education, 525 D street Eureka

This training will include the fundamentals of Bookkeeping and hands-on application for Bookkeepers for small business with an emphasis on the bookkeeping software Quickbooks 2014. This course will cover the foundational ledger system for bookkeeping plus systems for sorting, classifying, recording, posting, verifying, and storing data and authenticating documentation. It will include an introduction to payroll and banking, accounts payable, accounts receivable, item management, and reporting requirements for small businesses using Quickbooks 2014.


Intermediate Bookkeeping with Quickbooks 2014 (038605)

Dates:               June 1st - July 21st, 2015
Days:                Mondays and Tuesdays               
Time:                1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fee:                  $695
Class Limit:       16
Location:          CR Community Education Computer Lab, 525 D street Eureka


Intermediate Bookkeeping delves into a deeper exploration of the full-charge bookkeeper. This class gets hands-on with inventory, depreciation, calculating payroll, job tracking, reports, and standard controls for the professional bookkeeper in a small business or entrepreneurial setting.

Great for students with some basic experience in the bookkeeping field.

Objectives for Course:

- Understand and apply the basics of the accounting cycle through the trial balance.
- To build and manage items, including how to build a basic inventory system to use with Quickbooks.
- The basic controls and checks on the role of bookkeeper and financial agent in small businesses.
- Build a simple depreciation schedule, asset management system, and run information reports.




Excel 2012: Build a Budget (038422)

Dates:               July 22nd - July 23rd, 2015
Days:                Wednesday and Thursday
Time:                1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Fee:                  $125
Class Limit:       16
Location:          CR Community Education Computer Lab, 525 D street Eureka


Want to put this year’s budget in your boss’s email box in an impressive Excel spreadsheet complete with calculations? Or how about building that Excel budget into a Google Docs environment where everyone can easily contribute? This is the class that can deliver on Excel skill-building needs plus impressions of good technology skills.

Objectives for course:

- How to apply simple formulas and build equations.
- How to name cells.
- How to share & work with Google Docs.
- How to import and update previous budgets into Excel.
- Tips and Tricks on budget building.


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If your specific business training needs are not listed above, or you need help identifying them through consultation, contact us about our many different customized training program options.


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