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Office Specialist I (Del Norte) (037884)

Dates:             March 5, 2015 thru May 8, 2015
Days:              Thursdays and Fridays

Time:              9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Fee:                $595.00

Location:        College of the Redwoods Del Norte Campus 883 W. Washington Blvd.

Instructor:       Garry Nelson

Office Specialist training will teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful worker in any office
setting. You will gain experience in how to use a computer and modern office software, practice how to write a business letter and other office documents, answer the phone, work the front desk, and take care of customers.
This training is appropriate for entry level office workers, as well as workers wanting to refresh or upgrade their existing skills.

Introduction To QuickBooks 2014 (037803)

Dates:                   February 25th and 26th, March 4th and 5th

Days:                    Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time:                    5:30 PM--8:30 PM

Fee:                      $99
Instructor:             Karen Gaffney

A basic 12-hour “BOOTCAMP” for Quickbooks 2014. Excellent course for students with a background in bookkeeping looking to add Quickbooks to their resume. Also a good resource for updating existing job skills.

Excellent course for those with basic bookkeeping skills looking to expand into Quickbook skills or update to the 2014 version.


Project Management- Market Analysis: Your First Steps to Business Success (037802)

Dates:                 February 16th, 18th and 19th
Days:                  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Time:                  5:00pm to 9:30pm
Fee:                    $150 or $ 135 w/ Series Membership
Class Limit:         16
Location:            CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka
Instructor:           Garry Nelson

Marketing Analysis is the first step to find out your best market prospects and fine tune your idea so you can sell it to others especially investors. This is a hands-on, step by step, project approach to get that idea up and moving forward.
This class is part of a series. There are twelve, short, monthly classes in the Community Education’s Project Management Series. Anyone can register for a single class at full class price. OR become a Project Management Series member by committing to 10 out of the 12 classes in the series and receive a 10% discount on every class fee! As a PM Series member you will get early “reminder” alerts for the next upcoming class in the series and a status email when an upcoming class is announced or nears capacity.

Notary Public Class & Exam (037868) 

Date:                 March 24th, 2015
Day:                  Tuesday
Time:                 8:00am – 6:00pm
(Re-Commissioning class starts at 12:15)

Class Fee:         $105 payable upon registration to CR
(includes class materials)
State Exam Fee: $40
State Re-Exam Fee: $20
Bring to class a check made out to Secretary of State
Re-Exam is for those who recently failed State Exam

Class Limit:         20
Location:            Classroom at 333 6th Street Suite B Eureka
Instructor:           Master's Notary Academy

*Subject to Availability*
Please arrive by 3:30
(Section Number: 037869)

Become a California State Notary Public. California needs additional professional notaries! This class will provide new or previously commissioned notaries with the education and skills needed to pass the State proctored examination, detect fraud, and become successful in a career as a notary. There is a growing need for notaries in the expanding financial, real estate, business and law professions. Become a valuable employee or own your own business. This class exceeds the State qualifications for new applicants and notaries that are renewing their commissions. The student will receive a State approved Certificate of Completion for the class in order to take the State proctored notary examination. This is a one-day class that meets the requirements to sit for the State notary exam. Commissioned notaries may take this course six months prior to their commission expiration date. 

Please inquire about the Passport Photo and Live Scan Requirements.

Pre-registration and fee required in advance.





Cal Fire/USFS in partnership with College of the Redwoods
Fireline Safety Training for Vendors

Mandatory class for dozer operators, water tenders, crew bus, drivers, vehicle drivers and mechanics who have a CalFire/USFS agreement or contract requiring annual safety training. This course must be completed successfully or eligibility for contracts will be lost for the entire 2015 fire season.


Early Registration and Payment Required
*Please check in on time. Late arrivals cannot always be seated.*


Check-in time:                 8:00 am

Class limit:                       50 participants
Class Schedule:               8:30 am —5:00 pm (Free coffee & snacks provided)

(Applicable to the following dates and places)

Date:                               February 21, 2015

Location:                         CR Del Norte Education Center, Room DN-2
                                         883 W. Washington Blvd., Crescent City, CA 95531

Fee:                                 $65

Section Number:           037877

Date:                               March 7, 2015 (FULL)

Location:                         College of the Redwoods Main Campus, Room HU 110
                                         7351 Tompkins Hill Rd., Eureka, CA 95501

Fee:                                 $65

Section Number:           037878

Date:                               March 21, 2015

Location:                         Ruth Lake Community Hall * Lunch Available $6 *
                                         591 Van Duzen Road, Mad River, CA 95552

Fee:                                 $65

Section Number:          037879

Date:                               April 11, 2015

Location:                         College of the Redwoods Main Campus, Room HU 110
                                         7351 Tompkins Hill Rd., Eureka, CA 95501

Fee:                                 $65

Section Number:            037880

Date:                               April 18, 2015

Location:                         Willow Creek Veterans Hall
                                         20 Kimtu Rd. Willow Creek, CA 95573

Fee:                                 $75

Section Number:           037881

You are welcome to fax, mail, or phone in your registration information.

Contact Community & Economic Development.
Mail: 525 D Street Eureka, CA 95501
Phone: 707.476.4500

Fax: 707.443.3417
Website: www.redwoods.edu/departments/community-ed

For hired vendor contact information, call CAL FIRE Humboldt & Del Norte counties at 707-725-4431, Mendocino County at 707-459-7414

and the US Forest Service at 707-441-3514.





If your specific business training needs are not listed above, or you need help identifying them through consultation, contact us about our many different customized training program options.


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