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RRP 8-Hour New Certification(038956)

Date:               January 9th, 2016
Day:                Saturday
Time:               8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Fee:                 $295
Class Limit:      20
Location:         CR Community Education 333 6th St. Eureka, Suite B

This 8 hour EPA mandated class, required in addition to the CA DPH worker and supervisor certification, qualifies individuals performing renovations in target (pre-1978) housing and child occupied facilities (schools, day care centers, etc.). The course focuses on following the safe work practice requirements, health aspects, regulations, containment, cleaning and record keeping.

RRP 4-Hour Renewal Certification (038957)

Date:               January 8th, 2016
Day:                Friday
Time:               9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Fee:                 $295
Class Limit:      20
Location:         CR Community Education 525 D St. Eureka, Classroom 111

This 4 hour class provides an opportunity for those who have already received their EPA RRP certification to renew for another term.



Intermediate Bookkeeping (039558)

Date:              January 11th - March 7th, 2016

Days:              Mondays & Wednesdays

Time:              8:30am - 12:30pm

Fee:                $595

Location:         Community Education 525 D Street Eureka, Computer Lab


This 8-week course studies areas of full-charge bookkeeping: the accounting cycle steps, payroll, asset documentation, along with the essential accompanying organizational and regulatory reports. Working from both hand calculations and Quickbooks, students will gain skills with payroll processes.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Organize, build, and manage items for Quickbooks
  • Build a simple depreciation schedule and document capital asset purchases
  • Handle monthly/quarterly and year-end tax deposits and filings
  • Support the building and management of good customer and supplier relationships

Scholarship Information: Adults 18+ may qualify for a scholarship through the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services' Employment & Training Division. For more scholarship information contact The Job Market: 707-441-5627 or www.thejobmarket.org/upcomingtrainings.



Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Certificate 2013 (038914)

Including Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint

Dates:             January 12, 14, 19 & 21, 2016

Days:              Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time:              9:00am - 4:00pm

Fee:                $350

Class Limit:     16

Location :        CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Computer Lab 105

Join today’s technology workforce by adding our Professional class certificate to your resume. Gain hands-on experience while adding important skills to your resume with a Microsoft Office 2013 Professional class certificate of success from College of the Redwoods' Community Education Department. This is also a great class for those working at a home office needing more than just computer skills or just to give yourself and edge up on the competition for that next job promotion.

In this class learn about:

  • Using the ribbon in Microsoft programs
  • Customizing commands and templates
  • How to format and print for presentation
  • Practice how to put in basic types of information and easy equations in Excel.
  • Make and easy chart in Excel and insert it into Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher



Spanish for School Administrators, Teachers and Support Staff (039795)

Dates:               January 21st - February 11th, 2016

Days:                Thursdays

Time:                5:30pm - 7:30pm

Fee:                  $80 (Text Included)

Class Limit:       16

Location:           CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Classroom 112

Instructor:          Kathy Bierbaum-Cota

A comprehensive program designed to provide functional Spanish language skills for school personnel who have occasional contact with Spanish-speaking students and visitors. This course includes extensive training for non-Spanish speaking classroom teachers who have Spanish-speaking children in their classroom.

No prior knowledge of Spanish necessary. (Not a certificate class).



Excel 2013 (Intermediate) (038950)

Dates:               February 23rd & 25th, 2016

Days:                Tuesday & Thursday

Time:                6:00pm - 9:00pm

Fee:                  $250

Class Limit:       16

Location:           CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Computer Lab 105

Learn to work with larger worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2013, and use multiple worksheets efficiently. Get introduced to advanced formatting techniques, like applying special number formats, using workbook styles and themes, adding backgrounds, and mimicking watermarks. Get an introduction to pivot tables and charts. Plus, learn how to create basic equations and subtotals, and how to create and apply cell names. Learn how to sort and filter data, and create and format tables. Work more effectively with coworkers by learning to save workbooks as webpages, How to insert and edit hyperlinks, and how to share workbooks via email. Learn how to audit worksheets for errors, how to protect worksheets, and track changes in a workbook. Customize your Excel workspace, and create and modify custom templates.



Writing for Business Effectively (038886)

Dates:              February 3rd, 5th & 8th, 2016

Days:               Wednesday, Friday & Monday

Time:               2:00pm - 5:00pm

Fee:                 $250.00

Class Limit:      16

Location:          CR Community Education 525 D Street Eureka, Room 105

Don’t procrastinate– business has certain rules for success and being able to write effectively is high on the priority list. Everyone has the capacity to improve in this area. Tackle business writing to get the latest do’s and don’ts for report writing, project submissions, letters to vendors and customers, email etiquette, and even social media blurbs! This class will take you, the student, into a hands-on practice world of effective writing for the business environment.

Learn how to:

  • Learn to write clearly and concisely in a professional environment.
  • Enhance communications with suppliers and customers.
  • Project  projessionalism in and outside the organization.



Notary Public Class & Exam (039797)

Date:                    February 16th, 2016
Day:                      Tuesday
Time:                    8:00am – 6:00pm
(Re-Commissioning class starts at 12:15)
Class Fee:            $105 payable upon registration to CR
(includes class materials)

State Exam Fee:   $40 - Check to Secretary of State payable to state proctor on day of exam
Class Limit:           22
Location:              CR Community Education 333 6th Street Eureka, Suite B
Instructor:             Master's Notary Academy

Become a California State Notary Public. California needs additional professional notaries! This class will provide new or previously commissioned notaries with the education and skills needed to pass the State proctored examination, detect fraud, and become successful in a career as a notary. There is a growing need for notaries in the expanding financial, real estate, business and law professions. Become a valuable employee or own your own business. This class exceeds the State qualifications for new applicants and notaries that are renewing their commissions. The student will receive a State approved Certificate of Completion for the class in order to take the State proctored notary examination. This is a one-day class that meets the requirements to sit
for the State notary exam. Commissioned notaries may take this course six months prior to their commission expiration date.

Contact us at 476-4500 for information about retest or test-only option.

Please inquire about the Passport Photo and Live Scan Requirements
Pre-registration and fee required in advance



Loan Signing (039796)

Date:              February 16th, 2015

Day:               Monday

Time:              6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Fee:                $105

Take-home test and certification fee :$30
(payable to Masters Notary via check, cash or card on day of class)

Class Limit:     20

Location :       CR Community Education 333 6th Street Eureka, Suite B

Instructor:       Master’s Notary Academy

This course will provide students with information on the duties and responsibilities of a Loan Signing Specialist, which will enable students to acquire the essential knowledge and skills to be successful in this career field. After completing the course, students will be able to identify and understand the different types of loan documents with sufficient knowledge to explain them to the client, if requested. Loan Signing will conclude with an open book take home final exam with certification.

This is an excellent course for further understanding the various duties of a Notary Public, or understanding loan signing procedures in general.



Survival Finance & Accounting Skills

Dates:             February 24th & 25th, 2016

Days:              Wednesday & Thursday

Time:              5:30pm - 8:30pm

Fee:                $245.00

Class Limit:     16

Location:        CR Community Education 525 D Street Eureka

Gain confidence, and get some hands-on practice while tackling the basic terminology and skills required for routine business. Learn how to effectively use budgets, to read balance sheets and P&L statements, and get rid of that big question mark lurking over your head in business meetings. A great class for the newly promoted and/or inexperienced department head or manager, the newly-elected and/or appointed community board member. So if you someone who classifies themselves as a "non-financial" type of human-being caught living in a world obsessed by spreadsheets- this class is for you! Also a good starter class for future investors.



Social Media Specialist (038966)

Dates:             May 3rd - 26th, 2016

Days:              Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time:              3:30pm - 7:30pm

Fee:                $575.00

Class Limit:     16

Location:         CR Community Education 525 D Street Eureka, Room 105

The first key to marketing success is learning how to define and measure what success is. Once you can establish the true value social media can offer a business today- your job value can go sky-high. Treat the opporunity of becoming a specialist with the focus and direction of a project manager. Learn everything about it and tackle it in a methodical way. Identify your objectives, the steps to achieve those objectives, and put these together in a hands-on social media marketing project.



ICD-10 Medical Billing and Coding (038953)


Informational Meeting:

Monday, March 21, 2016 from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Community Education 525 D Street Eureka

Dates:               April 4th - June 27th, 2016

Days:                Mondays and Wednesdays

Time:                6:00pm - 9:00pm

Fee:                  $1,899.00

Class Limit:       20
Location:          CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Room 111
& 112

This combined 80 hour billing and coding course offers the skills needed to solve insurance billing problems, how to manually file claims (using the CPT and ICD-10CM, ICD-10PCS and/or the ICD-9 manual), complete common insurance forms, trace delinquent claims, and use generic forms to streamline billing procedures.

After obtaining the practical work experience (6 months to 2 years), students who complete this course could be qualified to sit for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC)- Certified Professional Coder Exam (CPC or CPC-H Apprentice); the American Health Information Association (AHIMA) Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam; and/or other National Certification Exams. Although, currently both the AAPC and AHIMA certification exams include ICD-9 material, pending the proposed October 1, 2015 switch to ICD-10 both may begin testing for ICD-10 information in 2016.

Objectives for course:

•     CPT (Introduction, Guidelines, Evaluation and Management)
•     Specialty Fields (i.e. surgery, radiology and laboratory)
•     ICD-10 and ICD-9 (Introduction and Guidelines)
•     Basic Claims Processes for medical insurance and third party reimbursements
•     How to find the service and codes using manuals (CPT, ICD-10CM/PCS or ICD-9)



Pharmacy Technician Program (039755)

Dates:                May 10th - June 28th, 2016

Days:                 Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time:                 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Fee:                   $1,199.00

Class Limit:        25
Location:           CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Room 111 & 112


This comprehensive 50 hour program will prepare students to work as a pharmacy technician in a retail or other pharmacy setting, and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's PTCB exam. Course content includes: pharmacy medical terminology, the history of pharmacy, the pharmacy practice in multiple environments, pharmacy calculations and measurements, reading and interpreting prescriptions and defining drugs by generic and brand names.

Objectives for course through lecture and labs:

  • Dosage calculations
  • Drug classifications
  • Learn "the top 200 drugs"
  • I.V. flow rates
  • Sterile compounding
  • Dose conversions
  • Aseptic techniques
  • How to handle sterile products
  • Total Parental Nutrition (TPN)
  • How to dispense prescriptions
  • Inventory control
  • Billing and reimbursement



Survival Spanish for Paramedics and EMTs (039895)

Dates:                 July 7th - July 28th, 2016

Days:                  Thursdays

Time:                  5:30pm - 7:30pm

Fee:                    $80.00 (includes textbook with CD's)

Class Limit:         16

Location:             CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Classroom 112

Instructor:            Kathy Bierbaum-Cota

This program is designed for non-Spanish speaking paramedics and EMTs to use Spanish language phrases that will enable them to assist Spanish-speaking persons in emergency situations. Emphasis is placed on concise Spanish to determine the patient's chief complaint, extent of injury or nature of illness, as well as preocedures and treatment. This is a beginner's level Spanish class. (Not a certificate based class).



Basic Computer Skills (038885)

Dates:                 November 17th & 18th, 2016

Days:                  Thursday & Friday

Time:                  6:00pm - 9:00pm

Fee:                    $150

Class Limit:         16

Location:            CR Community Education 525 D street Eureka, Computer Lab 105

In this class students will discover, in a hands-on computer lab, all the basic components to using a computer in a home user environment (it works for business too!). We will go from the elementary steps of turning on a computer, into the distinctions between things like the operating system, network, and software. Explore the devices of technology that connect to the computer, while learning how to save and retrieve information!


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