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Students in LabThe Nurse Assistant program is a 1-semester program which prepares the participant for California State Certification. Nurse Assistants give “hands-on” care to patients in acute and convalescent hospitals. They are the "eyes and ears" of the health care team.

Program content includes basic nursing skills such as bed making, bathing, vital signs, skin care, and familiarization with simple treatments and procedures. Emotional and psychological aspects are also included. “Hands-on” experience is provided in local community convalescent hospitals.

This program also serves as a prerequisite to the LVN Program. A new class begins each Fall and Spring semester based on open enrollment. Register for HO 110, Basic Patient Care. For additional information about this career visit


Nursing Assistant Program Information

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Practicing PPECollege of the Redwoods is a NATAP (Nurse Assistant Training and Assessment Program) Testing site. Click here for CR testing schedule.

To become a Certified Nurse Assistant you must successfully complete the NATAP Exam.

For further information, testing dates, and registration please check this link or phone (408) 855-5216.




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