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Emerging myths addressed by President’s Cabinet Nov. 9, 2009

CR President Jeff Marsee and his Cabinet (Vice President of Student Services Keith Snow-Flamer, Vice President of Instruction Marjorie Carson, Vice President of Administrative Services Ruth Bettenhausen, and Director of Human Resources Mike Wells) have provided clarifying responses regarding several concerns have been circulating throughout the District.

The President’s Cabinet stated: “In the spirit of collegiality, the following observations are provided to further the dialogue about issues the district is facing.” [Linkages will occasionally offer responses from Cabinet to emerging myths which are being discussed throughout the CR community.]

Myth #1:  Substantive change violation
The myth is focused on the perception that the Accrediting Commission for Colleges and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) should have been notified by CR when the College opened the new Arcata and McKinleyville instructional sites because they represented substantive changes.

Response:  Substantive change occurs when an institution creates courses that pass the 50 percent threshold of a program’s total curriculum requirements for a degree or certificate. The ACCJC does not expect a district to contact them when property is purchased, classrooms are renovated, or when sites are moved. 

Myth #2: No mission statement in EMP

Response: CR’s mission statement is showcased on page 4 of the Educational Master Plan. 

Myth #3: Strategic initiatives not board-approved

Response:  Pages 11-12 of the Education Master Plan outline the collaborative process of the development of CR’s strategic plan.  Section 4 of the Education Master Plan, “Visions for the Future” lists the goals and objectives of the strategic plan and enumerates a number of initiatives through which the college can meet the goals and objectives of the Education Master Plan.  The Education Master Plan, which includes the strategic plan, was approved by CR’s Board of Trustees in May 2009. 

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