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CR’s fall enrollment up 18 percent compared to last year Nov. 9, 2009
“Our community is worth a million bucks.”

College of the Redwoods is experiencing a record enrollment boost this fall compared to fall 2008 (an 18 percent increase in headcount and a 15 percent increase in Full-time Equivalent Student or FTES). Based on available data and trends, the College is expected to increase in FTES approximately 18 percent for 2009-2010.

Combined with the 13 percent FTES increase for 2008-2009, by the end of the 2009-2010 year, CR is expected to grow about 34 percent in two years.

“This unprecedented growth is the result of a District-wide commitment to reconnecting to the communities the college serves and increasing access to our programs,” Jeff said. “This includes offering more online, hybrid, night and weekend classes as well as opening up new instructional sites in Arcata and Eureka and expanding offerings at the Eureka Downtown Site. I thank the staff and faculty of CR for helping achieve this growth.”

CR received approximately $2.3 million from the state for the 2008-2009 FTES boost.  In July, the state informed all community colleges that they would not receive any money for FTES growth for the 2009-2010 year. Jeff said that CR will tap into last year’s growth (or, technically speaking, recovery) money to the tune of $1 million so that we can continue to offer as much educational access as possible to the local communities.

“Our community is worth a million bucks,” Jeff said. “Community colleges all over the state are cutting winter sessions and spring semester offerings. CSU schools, such as Humboldt State, are capping enrollment. We want the community to know that that we will be them for them in this economic downturn when they need to receive career technical and academic education to improve their lives.”

Attached is a district enrollment report from the Institutional Research Office (thanks Martha and Zack) which shows a snapshot of where unduplicated headcount and FTES enrollment was as of Sept. 22, 2009 compared to the same date last year.  

Fall 2009 Enrollment Summary (9/22/2009)

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