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Science Night

Science Night


About Us

Science Night offers fun for all ages and includes demonstrations, hands-on activities, experiments, and lectures—most presented by CR faculty—on many facets of math, science and technology.

This educational and fun evening of free activities will be held on the CR Eureka campus in October.  The campus is located at 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, seven miles south of Eureka.  Parking is free, and there is no admission charge. Food will be available for purchase from the Café!    

Upcoming Event

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Hands-on activities will be available for curious scientists of all ages!

Some of the activities this year:

  • Howling Gummy Bears
  • Chemical Magic Show
  • Bubble Magic
  • Balloon Powered Race Cars
  • Science Around the World
  • The Secret Code and Virtual Reality

Participants in Science Night will be able to meet faculty, staff, and students, visit classrooms and labs, participate in activities, and view demonstrations.

2019 Details

Name Location Description
Critters in a Dish Building 1- Rm 102 How many different critters live in, on, and around a mussel shell growing on a dock in Humboldt Bay? Can you tell a marine plant from an animal? What’s a nudibranch? Come explore with us and find out the answers to these and other questions.
Secrets of the Forest Building 1- Rm 104 An unseen world exists right in our own backyard; join Sequoia Park Zoo in exploring above the forest floor and the unique flora and fauna that is found in the redwood canopy. Participants are invited to examine the tracks, scat and other clues left by wildlife, contribute to a redwood mural and learn how they can make their own backyards more wildlife friendly.
Bubble Magic Building 1- Rm 106 Explore the fun and science of bubbles with hands-on activities.
STEM Explorations for All Ages Building 1- Rm 108 Join us for hands-on, experimental STEM activities made with inexpensive household materials. Learn new science experiments that inspire and amaze then try them at home.
Howling Gummy Bears Building 1- Rm 114 Learn about the Chemistry of eating Gummy Bears.
Phun with Physics Quad area between buildings 1 and 2. Hands-on fun with science! Shoot giant fog ring cannons, build and launch stomp rockets, make water dance in the vibrating dragon bowl, float balls in the air with giant Bernoulli blowers, feel the amazing power of bike wheel gyroscopes and more.
Resonance & Waves Building 2- Rm 211 Demonstrations of resonance and waves including Chladni plates and standing waves.
Adventures in Astronomy Inside: Building 2- Rm 125
Outside: Lawn between Buildings 2 and 4.
Indoors we will have a variety of astronomy displays (solar system model, gravity well, astronomy craft table). Outdoors we will set up telescopes for viewing planets and stars.
The Secret Codes and Virtual Reality of Computer Science Building 2- Rm 214 Use today’s computer technology to break secret codes of the past and experience the future of Virtual Reality.
Hexaflexagon Fun! Building 2- Rm 215 Create a number of decorative hexaflexagons, historically described in Martin Gardner’s “Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions.” Stop by to enjoy building hexaflexagons and learning how to flex and manipulate them bringing the once hidden sides to the surface!
Chess and Other Cerebral Challenges Building 2- Rm 217 Test your chess wits against others. Learn the game of Go, the oldest, most sophisticated, and challenging board game ever created. Get internet sites for great puzzles in chess, Go, and math.
Paramedic Skills Demonstration Lawn area between Buildings 2 and 3. Come watch Paramedic students find, assess, treat and package mock patients at a relay race pace!
Preschool Play: The Science of Sensory Dough Under the eaves of building 2 on the Café side. Bring your youngest ones over to experiment in the creation of moon dough, cloud dough, and play dough.
Pollinator Relay Lawn between Buildings 2 and 4. Explore how bees transfer pollen from flower to flower. Play the essential part of the bee, flitting from flower to flower, collecting pollen in a spoon.
Engineering with Legos Building 3 -Rm 103/104 Work with 4-H youth leaders to engineer a city out of Lego bricks.
3D Modeling Building 3- Rm 105 Come see 3D printing in action and play with the different computer programs used to model buildings and other objects.
Wood it Glow? Building 3- Rm 109 Many wood species glow brilliantly when exposed to black light! Explore natural fluorescence in wood and swirl dip with fluorescent paint.
Funny Bones Building 3- Rm 126 Remove the funny bone or the breadbasket (an old slang term for the stomach) from a giant version of Cavity Sam, the patient in the vintage board game Operation. Have a glow bug determine if your hands are really clean. Hear a simulated heart beat and place a baby-doll back to sleep.
Balloon Powered Race Cars! Building 3- Rm 129 Visit our auto shop to build, race, and take home a balloon powered race car!
Computer Automated Manufacturing Building 3- Rm 133 Come to the CR Machine Shop to see how computers are used to perform a variety of manufacturing functions. Interact with industrial robots and see examples of computerized cutting, shaping, machining, engraving, and rapid prototyping.
Science around the World Building 4 - Rm 102 Join the Multicultural & Diversity Center to learn about science contributions from cultures around the world.

Chemistry Magic Show

Show times:

Building 5 Chemistry demonstrations that seem like magic!
Trebuchet Pumpkin Chuckin’ 2019! Baseball Field - 6 Come watch gravity combine with engineering to hurl pumpkins hundreds of feet through the air!

Some Images from the 2019 Science Night!

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