26th Science Night (2011)

Here’s more information about some of the new Science Night activities:

Looking for Planets Outside our Solar System.
By CR Astronomy Professor Jon Pedicino
The Kepler Space Telescope has recently discovered almost 2,000 new worlds orbiting relatively nearby stars.  Among these new worlds are planets that may resemble Earth.  The study of other solar systems is a field of Astronomy that has blossomed over the past decade with tremendous implications for the search for life in the universe.  Join us for an engaging discussion!

Just What is Clay, Anyway?
By CR Art Professor Shannon Sullivan, CR Geology Professor Dave Bazard and CR Art Instructor Mary Mallahan
For at least 10,000 years, human culture has been completely dependent on the technology of clay. Some of our earliest artifacts, in fact, are made of this highly useful and durable substance. Clay has several descriptions and classifications depending on its use and the perspective of the individuals who study clay.  CR Art Professors Shannon Sullivan and CR Art Instructor Professor Mary Mallahan and CR Geology Professor Dave Bazard will reveal these beautiful and interesting properties to Science Night visitors with microscopes, samples, and demonstrations. Visitors will also be able to view a variety of lovely ceramic works made from these materials.

The Art of Nuclear Power
CR Art Professor Cynthia Hooper  
Global scrutiny of nuclear power has certainly increased since Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi disaster earlier this year. Our own nation’s nuclear power plants have had their share of problems and near-misses as well, and recent calls for more careful regulation of these facilities do make sense. CR Art Professor Cynthia Hooper’s new video about Ohio’s Davis-Besse nuclear power plant reflects upon a facility that came perilously and disastrously close to core melt-down in 2002. Her video is not an exposé on this alarming event, however, but rather a calm and visually refined meditation on the power plant’s condition today, and how the community that lives near it has adapted to its iconic presence. This video will be shown as a continuous loop in the Creative Arts gallery for Science Night visitors to view.

Plaque Attack
By CR Dental Assisting Professor Hillary Reed
Hillary Reed and her flock of Tooth- Fairies will take flight on Science Night!  Their mission is to “ATTACK PLAQUE.”  Visitors will learn and actively participate in the proper brushing and flossing techniques that are so important in maintaining good overall health.  Special “tooth paint” will be used to discover those plaquey places missed by your brush 12 to 24 hours ago!  “Sweet Experiments” and “Sugary Demonstrations” will be provided for additional hands-on activities, as well as a room full of tooth eruption charts especially made by the Tooth-Fairies to help determine “how many more teeth you have to lose,” if you happen to be a visitor with mixed dentition!

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