Biodiversity Conference

In connection with college’s annual Science Night
   CR to host Biodiversity Conference Friday, Oct. 21

College of the Redwoods will be incorporating an all-day Biodiversity Conference into its annual Science Night for the first time on Friday, Oct. 21.

There will be presentations on local ecology by renowned North Coast educators and researchers. The central unifying theme of the talks is the diversity of flora and fauna in our bioregion.  All lectures and discussions are free and open to anyone.
From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the discussions will be aimed primarily at college students and the general public. From 5 to 9 p.m., the presentations will be targeted to an all-ages audience to accommodate the Science night attendees.

“Did you know the California ‘Floristic Province’ is one of the top 25 biodiversity hot spots in the whole world,” asked Bobby Shearer, a CR student and one of the primary organizers of the conference.

During the day, some of the highlights will be: HSU Professor of Zoology Dawn Goley, who will share her experience spending last summer with the Klamath River whales; Dr. Matt Johnson, chairperson of Humboldt State University’s Wildlife Department, who will speak about “Raptors and Rodents of Coastal Grasslands,” and Pete Haggard, an author and naturalist who will give a presentation entitled “The Garden as a Reservoir for Native Plants and Wildlife in an Urban Landscape.”

 Also during the day: Peter Galvin from the Center for Biological Diversity, presents “The Extinction Crisis and the Movement to Save Endangered Species;” and Kim McFarland, who is earning her master’s degree at HSU in biological studies, will share the details of the nesting habits of the silver bee.

In the evening, during Science Night, Goley will again speak about the Klamath whales; HSU Wildland Soils Professor Susan Marshall will discuss the importance of soil; HSU Professor and Director of the HSU Wildland Fire Lab Morgan Varner will speak about the roles of fire in our native forests; and Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Director Eric Nelson will share information about some of the amazing life that resides throughout the Refuge.

Also speaking will be Environmental Protection Information Center Conservation Director Andrew Orahoske, Humboldt Baykeeper Director Beth Werner, and Northcoast Environmental Center, executive director Rain Ananael.  

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