Research Links for Peace Like a River 

An interesting interview with Leif Enger in which he explains some of the sources of Peace Like a River, how it was to the write the book, and other interesting tidbits.

Leif Enger, before writing Peace Like a River, worked for Minnesota Public Radio for 20 years.  In this web posting, he describes what it's like going on a book tour for the new book.

A short, albeit interesting biographical note on Leif Enger.

The National Park Service's website for Badlands National Park

A fairly good site on Robert Service that contains a number of his poems, pictures of the Yukon, etc.

For those of you unfamiliar with the reference, here's a link for the song "Peace Like a River" with the tragic story of Horatio Gates Spafford who penned the song.  It's a very interesting story in itself.  The website has the lyrics and music to the hymn.

Link on the Gale Literary Database that has not only a compendium of research about the novel, but a bibliography as well. - PersonalInformation