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HSU Book of the Year Reader’s Theatre presented by the Fup-Ducked Readers

Fup, the Book of the Year by Humboldt State University Professor Jim Dodge will be presented in Reader’s Theatre Style Friday April 25 at 7 p.m. at the Humboldt County Library Large Meeting Room, Saturday April 26 at 1 p.m, at the College of the Redwoods Humanities Building 110, and May 2 & 3 at 7 p.m. at the HSU Studio Theatre with a final show at the same venue May 4 at 2 p.m. All performances are free.

HSU Communications Instructor James Floss and the Fup-Ducked Readers, a group of seasoned Chamber Reader Alumni, will stage a word-for-word adaptation of Dodge’s acclaimed novella. Please note that all of Jim Dodge’s salty language is intact. This adaptation also includes a student created visual accompaniment. The Studio Theatre venue will have scenic elements and lighting.

Fup is a book about love, magic, death and transcendence. The Sacramento Bee heralds Fup as “often eloquent, and always funny, Fup is a contemporary tall tale that ranks with the best.” The Los Angeles Times warns that “nothing… prepares us for the miraculous transfiguration that brings Fup to its haunting conclusion.”


About the Fup-Ducked Readers:

James Floss has been teaching Oral Interpretation at Humboldt State University for nearly 30 years. He has brought eight novels to stage and radio, including H. G. Wells, The Time Machine. His featured role is of the boar, Lockjaw.

Bob E. Wells has acted on the stage at all venues in Humboldt County, Granada TV, Manchester England, and in several movies, studied at ELA College and Dell’Arte International, and was a radio DJ in Southern California and Humboldt. He plays Grandaddy Jake in this production. Bob was able to share his love of literature for many years as a proud member of Chamber Readers.

Francene Rizza, a main narrator (and Emma Gadderly) has been involved in theatre in Humboldt for many years and worked and directed with Chamber Readers for about nine years. Recently she was a part of the cast of Grave Matters at the Fortuna Cemetery.

Guthrie L’Herogan, who plays Tiny Makhurst, has acted in a small number of plays at Humboldt including the original production of Wendy Williams’ “Range of Light”. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a minor in Business at HSU.

Sally L’Herogan, the other main narrator, has read and directed with the Chamber Readers and did much at the Pacific Art Center Theatre in Arcata. She is dipping a toe back in the theatrical pond after many years of pretending with preschoolers.

Terry Desch, Fup herself, has been quacking along the North Coast theatrical pond for the last 33 years with her Drake, Anthony, and her now grown duckling, Benjamin.

Lynnie Horrigan has been a scenographic designer internationally and is thrilled to be part of this centennial production as the set and lighting designer.

Beau Hopkins, a Communication Department major, created a slide show as scenic background. Come hear the precision of language brought to life and framed by some of the North Coast’s brightest talents.


In Celebration of Fup,

this year's Book of the Year,

HSU Library Showcase Month

Join us for a Community Reception
Jim Dodge

Friday, March 28
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
921 Waterfront Drive,

CR/HSU Book of the Year Author to Read

College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University’s 2013/14 Book of the Year author Jim Dodge will read selections from his novel Fup twice in November. Dodge will read first at HSU on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m. in Goodwin Forum. And at CR, he will read in the New Theater on Friday, Nov. 15 at 10:00 a.m. A book signing will follow both readings which are free and open to the public.

Fup, originally published in 1983, is a work of fiction that tells the story of Jake Santee, his grandson “Tiny,” and Fup, their adopted mallard living on a farm in the hills of western Sonoma County. We also learn about the back-story that brings Jake, a gambler who travels the West, and Tiny, a young man who loves building fences on a farm with no livestock, together with Fup, an eccentric duck with a fondness for drinking moonshine.

The Los Angeles Times described Fup as a “contemporary California fable of transcendent charm, wisdom, and beauty.” The book was re-released in 2011 in a new, updated edition and can be found in both the HSU and CR bookstores.

Born in Sonoma County, Jim Dodge grew up in Texas, Wyoming, southern California, and Labrador. He received his M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa. Since 1995, Jim has been a faculty member in the English Department at Humboldt State University.

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Contact Ken Ayoob, HSU Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, at 826-4491 or; at CR, contact Vinnie Peloso, at 707-476-4565 or