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Dan Calderwood, Professor of Computer Information Systems, Eureka Campus

What do you love most about teaching at CR?
I love working with students, watching students engage in managing a complex network, and also sharing the ?aha? moments with them when they conquer a concept.

What do you love most about your discipline?
I love building and troubleshooting networks. The networking concepts taught in CR?s CIS-Networking program mimic the infrastructure that moves data on the Internet. Having a working knowledge of how email, Facebook, web pages, video streaming, audio streaming, twitter data move on the Internet is very exciting.

Professor Dan Calderwood has taught a variety of Computer Information System courses at College of the Redwoods since 1990. He received his BS in Computer Science from Humboldt State University, a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, and completed post-graduate work in Telecommunications at the University of Colorado. His post-graduate studies focused on Data Communications and Network Engineering. He enjoys commuting to work on his bicycle, surfing, windsurfing, mountain biking, and enjoying life with his family.