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Dave Holper, English Professor, Eureka Campus

What do you love most about teaching at CR?
I love seeing students come alive to reading and writing--to find their passions in the written word and to shape their futures with the power of expression. I've enjoyed sharing with them such texts that help expand their understandings of topics far beyond the borders of Humboldt County.

What do you love most about your discipline?
I love choosing texts that students will find engaging both in the reading and the writing they will do in analyzing those texts. I love bringing authors to campus and introducing students to these folks. I find that those sorts of encounters have been transformative in my life and in my students' lives as well.

Is there anything else you would like your students to know about you?
I write and publish poetry, fiction, and non-fiction--and my approach to the writing has always been to help students think of themselves as writers. When students begin to value their work in that way, their texts come to life.

Professor David Holper has taught a variety of English courses at College of the Redwoods since 1999. He received his BA in English from Humboldt State University, and his Masters of Fine Arts in English from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His Masters thesis was a collection of short stories, many of which were published, and he has gone on to publish numerous short stories, poems, and essays. In addition, he has published two books of poetry, 64 Questions and Ghosts of Silence. He also enjoys running, sailing, and spending time with his family.

A more complete list of his publications and links to his writing can be found at http://www. redwoods. edu/departments/english/instructors/holper/Writing/Writing%20page. htm