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Margaret Campbell, Associate Faculty in General Studies, Eureka Campus

What do you love most about teaching at CR?
I really love the integrity of the professors and how they work diligently to bring the very best to their students. Every day I learn from my students, and I enjoy watching them develop into strong academic young adults. By being able to influence their success in school, and possibly their success in life, is a blessing. I've enjoyed having the opportunity to expand their horizons and help them discover their potential to become everything they could ever dream of.

What do you love most about your discipline?
Sociology is my discipline, yet I have been teaching General Studies 1, which is a life skills class on how to be successful with a four-year academic plan. Students learn how to take charge of their lives, thus empowering themselves. They are not only members of current society, but are also becoming the leaders of tomorrow's society. I love watching students as they come to realize how they will control and influence their own destiny.

Is there anything else you would like your students to know about you?
I believe that every day is precious, therefore I try to make every day special; be it planning my next big adventurous bike ride, or enjoying the succulence of an orange as I eat it for breakfast, taking nothing for granted, and appreciating everything. My hobbies include traveling abroad, including Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. In 2015, I will travel to Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. In addition, I participate in a long distance bike ride ranging from 300 ? 500 miles each year. Riding across the country at 18mph while really seeing the sights and smells of an area under my own power is very rewarding.

Margaret Campbell has a long history of being an active member in the Humboldt community via volunteering at various non-profit organizations, including Humboldt Sponsors and the PBS station KEET TV. She believes that giving back to your community makes you a stakeholder, thus insuring a better well being for future generations. She grew up in Calistoga, CA, and graduated with her class of 33 students. After graduating from CSU Sacramento, she worked in both Sacramento and Humboldt County before attending HSU to obtain her Masters in Sociology. Her Masters thesis addressed the issues of negating negative impacts of big box retail stores on rural communities.