Accessibility Standards

(Revised 2/19/2008)

The intent of adaptive workstations is to remove barriers for students with disabilities. The adaptive workstations need not be isolated or dedicated and can be used by able-bodied students when not occupied by a student with a disability. If a disabled student requests the use of the adaptive workstation occupied by an able-bodied student, the able-bodied student should be allowed ten minutes to finish and save their work before moving on to another computer. Provided all computers are engaged, regulations governing the lab regarding computer use apply. In addition to these guidelines, the College is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to any student who requires adaptive hardware or software to succeed in classes on campus.

Physical Barriers

For all work areas, the following minimum standards should be adhered to:

• Adjustable height chair without arms

• Adjustable height keyboard tray (if appropriate) for lab environment

• Adjustable height legs on tables and/or

• Work surface at least 28” to 34” from the floor

• Clearance of 27” from the floor to bottom of lowest protrusion (allows for electric wheelchair)

• Minimum of 19" horizontal knee clearance (front to back) under the desk or table

• Utility and equipment controls located within easy reach

• Clear aisle width minimum 36”.


Assistive Technology

Minimum Number of Accessible Computer Stations

The following are minimum requirements:

•10% of all computer stations or a minimum of 3 (one of which is Enhanced).
Depending on the lab environment and the use of Universal design, the total number of computer stations which meet the minimum standards may be greater.

• 1 computer station which meets Enhanced Standards

Minimum Standard

• Screen reader software (currently JAWS)

• Screen magnification software

• Speech recognition software (currently Dragon Naturally Speaking*)

* Currently Dragon Naturally Speaking version 9 requires 1 GB of physical / system RAM for Windows XP. For Windows Vista, 2 GB of system RAM is recommended.

• Sound Card: Suitable for Dragon Naturally Speaking

• Accessible furniture (see above)

• 19-inch or larger flat panel, on any accessible computer

Enhanced Standard

All minimum standards with the addition of:


• Scanner

• Scan/read software (currently Kurzweil 1000 and 3000)

• 1 electric height adjustable table

• word prediction software (currently Co:Writer)

• 19-inch or larger flat panel display

Each main campus should have a Braille embosser and Braille translation software; and a trackball and a joystick. Each instructional site should have at least one trackball or one joystick.

Please feel free to contact Jason Brewer at the High Tech Center (x4557) for information on accessible workstations: We may also be contacted by email at:


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