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Klamath Trinity Branch Campus
Fall 2014

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Course/SectionSynonymTitleCreditsInstructorDaysTimesRoomStart-End Dates
AG-17-K6480036480Soils3.0M BestF 9:00AM-11:05AMHTECRM 1
F11:20AM- 2:30PMHTECRM 1
ART-10-K6481036481Color & Design3.0W BriggsTTH10:30AM- 1:40PMTAC1
Purchase of art supplies for this course is required. No text book is required.
ART-40-K7301037301Independent Study in Art1.0W BriggsDHR 09/10/14-12/13/14
54 hours required.
BUS-10-K6482036482Intro to Business3.0L WolfsenTTH12:40PM- 2:05PMHTECRM 3
BUS-180-K6483036483Intro to Bookkeeping3.0L WolfsenTTH 2:10PM- 3:15PMHTECRM 3
CIS-1-K6484036484Computer Information Systems4.0D AmmonTTH 6:15PM- 9:25PMHTECCOMP LAB
COMM-1-K6528036528Public Speaking3.0R Hitchcock-TinsethM 5:30PM- 8:40PMHTECRM 1
ECE-1-K6485036485Principles/Practices of Teach3.0J McClureF 1:30PM- 4:40PMHTECRM 3
ECE-2-K6486036486Child Growth & Development3.0J McClureW 6:00PM- 9:10PMHTECRM 3
ECE-6-K6487036487Child Health, Safety, Nutr3.0C TitusS 9:00AM- 3:00PMHTECRM 308/23/14-10/25/14
ECON-10-K6702036702Microeconomics3.0S KirschM 4:00PM- 7:10PMHTECRM 3
EDUC-225-K6935036935High School Equiv/GED Prep0.0E LeachTTH 2:00PM- 3:30PM
ENGL-150-K6489036489Precollegiate Reading/Writing3.5J GonzalezMW12:45PM- 2:10PMHTECRM 1
ENGL-1A-K6490036490Analytical Reading & Writing4.0J GonzalezMW10:30AM-12:35PMHTECRM 1
ENGL-350-K6488036488Integrating Reading and Writin6.0T ComptonMWF10:30AM-12:05PMHTECRM 3
ENGL-52-K6491036491English Lab Practicum0.5J GonzalezMW 3:15PM- 4:15PMHTECCOMP LAB
FNR-87-K6493036493Wildlife Biology3.0M BestTTH 9:00AM-11:30AMHTECRM 1
GS-6-K6494036494First Year Experience3.0E LeachTTH 9:00AM-10:25AMHTECRM 3
MATH-15-K6495036495Elementary Statistics4.0D AmmonTTH 4:00PM- 6:05PMHHS100
Texas Instruments TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator required. ENGL-150 is recommended preparation. Concurrent enrollment in MATH-52 Math Lab is recommended. For textbook information, see: http://msenux.redwoods.edu/mathdept/courses/math15.php
MATH-380-K6496036496Elementary Algebra5.0P ZastrowTTH 4:00PM- 6:25PMHTECRM 1
Graphing calculator required, TI-83 or TI-84 recommended.
MATH-380L-K6967036967Math Lab for Elem Algebra0.5P ZastrowTTH 6:35PM- 7:35PMHTECRM 1
22.5 hours required.
MATH-52-K6970036970Math Lab for Transfer Level0.5P ZastrowTTH 6:35PM- 7:35PMHTECRM 1
22.5 hours required to complete this course.
PHIL-15-K6499036499Religions of the World3.0E LeachTTH10:45AM-12:10PMHTECRM 3
POLSC-10-K6500036500US Government and Politics3.0C MarshallW 5:30PM- 9:05PMHTECRM 109/10/14-12/10/14
This is a late start class beginning 09/10/14.
PSYCH-11-K6501036501Lifespan Development3.0A FieldingF 3:00PM- 6:10PMHTECRM 1
SOC-1-K6598036598Intro to Sociology3.0D TrippMW 4:00PM- 5:25PMHTECRM 1