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College of the Redwoods will create and sustain the conditions that will enable all students to experience an educational journey that is intellectually, socially, and personally transformative. We will inspire participatory citizenship grounded in critical thinking and an engaged student body.

District Mission

(BP 1200)

College of the Redwoods puts the success of each student at the forefront of every strategic effort. The college provides accessible and relevant educational programs that promote student academic achievement, career readiness, and lifelong learning so that our students may thrive in a rapidly changing world. We endeavor to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve and to be a nimble and pioneering partner in the educational, civic, cultural, and economic development of the region. We recognize the future of learning will require flexibility and resiliency and we are committed to developing and expanding innovative in-person and online programs and responsive student services. Through assessment and evidence-based research, we continuously improve programs and address equity gaps to ensure that each student has the opportunity and support to succeed. We are dedicated to a just and sustainable world, to fostering a safe and inclusive educational community, and to advancing the values and goals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

To achieve its mission, the Redwoods Community College District follows the mission of the California Community College System as determined by the State Legislature.

The District’s mission is evaluated and revised on an annual basis.


(BP 1201)

The primary goal of the Board of Trustees, the faculty, staff and administration is to fulfill the mission adopted by the State of California for community colleges, effectively manage the resources provided by the taxpayers, and build mutually-beneficial partnerships with the community and business and industry. 

The College is committed to a broad range of educational opportunities, along with support services that will enable students to attain their academic and personal goals. The Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and administrators have the responsibility to provide and support educational offerings of the highest quality and value to students and to the community.

The Board of Trustees affirms that:

The College will ensure that the curriculum is current and relevant, and will employ well- qualified faculty and staff;

Achieving, respecting and embracing diversity within the student body, faculty, and staff will be of high importance;

Consistent with state legislation, the College will apply the principles of collegial consultation, which is a decision-making process that is based on a fundamental belief in the value of all opinions, as well as on an agreement to thoughtfully consider the point of view of all affected constituents;

The Board of Trustees acknowledges the role of faculty, staff and students in the collegial consultative process, as specified under Title 5. An agreement between the Board and the Academic Senate appears in Administrative Procedure 2520;

The Board of Trustees is committed to fostering a climate of academic freedom and collegiality; and

Professional development through special learning opportunities, sabbatical leaves, conferences, workshops and internal leadership opportunities for all staff will be supported and encouraged.

CR 1969-1


Student Success and Access: We put students first, ensuring that student learning, advancement, and access are pivotal to all we do.

Educational Excellence and Innovation: We value ongoing and systematic planning and evaluating methods that move us toward excellence.

Honoring Diversity: We value all members of our community and strive to create a diverse, nurturing, honest, and open environment.

Participatory Governance: We value ethical behavior and strive to create a culture where all students, staff, faculty and administrators engage in inclusive, ongoing and self-reflective decision-making processes.

Environmental Awareness: We value the environment and the need to minimize our impacts upon it, utilizing sustainable practices and acting as global citizens.

Community Development: We value the economic and intellectual development of the various communities we serve.

Supportive Culture: We strive to create a supportive, problem-solving culture, and we recognize the proven usefulness of an interest-based approach (IBA) for achieving trust, cooperation and effective problem solving.

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