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Requesting Official Transcripts

Looking to send your official transcripts? College of the Redwoods has partnered with Parchment to order and send your transcripts securely. This link will open a new tab.

Please note: If you create a new Parchment Learner profile directly from our storefront link, College of the Redwoods should automatically appear in your profile, meaning you should not have to manually add it yourself.

Order Credentials from Parchment


Need further help with your Parchment Learner profile?

Parchment has compiled a Learner Quick Bytes Playlist, containing short video walkthroughs on the different transcript ordering processes. There is also the Parchment Learner Help Center available for your convenience.

College of the Redwoods does not accept mailed, faxed or telephoned requests.


Transcript Fees

Students receive their first two official transcripts free of charge when placing a Standard Request. If the order includes a Rush Request or expedited Federal Express, the student will be charged the difference. After students receive their first two Standard Requests free of charge, a fee for official transcript requests is applied.

  • $8.00 - Standard Request
  • $23.00 - Domestic Federal Express to main 48 states
  • $30.00 - Domestic Federal Express to Alaska or Hawaii
  • $53.00 - International Federal Express


Helpful Hints

Do you need your official transcripts to include your current semester's grades or Degree/Certificate?

It is recommended that you request your official transcripts after grades and Degrees/Certificates have been posted. However, when placing your official transcript request, you may select to have your transcripts sent after the current semester's grades have been posted.

  • Grades are typically posted about 2-4 weeks after the semester ends.
  • Degrees/Certificates are typically posted about 8 weeks after the semester ends.*

*Students who will be sitting for California State Board Exams will have their Degree/Certificate posted to their transcripts about 3 weeks after the semester ends.

Did you attend College of the Redwoods prior to the Fall of 1986?
  • Transcript requests for coursework may take at least 90 days to process as these records are archived and not available in electronic format.
Do you need a copy of your unofficial transcripts?
  • Students can receive their unofficial transcripts free of charge through their WebAdvisor account.
  • If you do not remember your WebAdvisor User ID or password, please utilize the 'What's my User ID?' and 'What's my Password?' options.
  • If you need to update your Email address, please call the Admissions and Records Office at (707) 476-4200.
Do you need to order a new or additional copy of your Degree/Certificate?
Didn't receive your Diploma/Certificate? Did you petition to graduate?
Has your legal name changed since you attended College of the Redwoods?
Enrollment Verification
  • You can print out your registration statement from your webadvisor account. Once logged in select "my Fin Aid", you will be directed to your financial aid portal. From there select "financial information" in the top left. Then under "account activity" you can print a registration statement by term. The registration statement includes your contact information, the schools information, your tuition and class schedule.
GED Records
  • CR does not retain your GED records. You can request a transcript of your GED records from the GED testing website here: Just select “Grads and Transcripts” at the top of the page.

Submitting Official Transcripts

If you are seeking a Degree or Certificate from CR or plan on attending for multiple semesters, it is recommended that you submit your official transcripts. Upon being received, your official transcripts will go through our courtesy upfront evaluation process and be reviewed for English, math and science prerequisites and equivalent coursework will be applied to your academic record. You can verify which courses have been applied by logging into your WebAdvisor account and selecting "Program Evaluation."

Transcript Evaluation

Please note that transcripts from out of state colleges and colleges that operate on a quarter-based calendar year will not go through the upfront evaluation process, and that courses taken at other California Community Colleges may not meet the same General Education (GE) requirements as an equivalent course at College of the Redwoods. Your next step should be to schedule an appointment with Counseling & Advising to discuss your academic goals and how your courses could potentially transfer depending on the requirements of your General Education (GE) and program. During your appointment, a counselor or advisor can assist you with completing a Transcript Evaluation Request form. Upon receipt of this form, your transcript(s) can be reassessed and eligible credit applied according to your academic goals. The Counseling & Advising office can be reached by telephone at (707)476-4150 or by email at If you have already spoken with Counseling & Advising and filled out a Transcript Evaluation Request form, you will be notified in a separate e-mail once the evaluation has been completed.

Foreign Transcripts must be evaluated by an independent transcript evaluation service that is approved by the California Commision on Teacher Credentialing. This can be done by clicking here.

For more detailed information, please review our International Students page.

For delivery by mail, send official transcripts to: 

College of the Redwoods  
Admissions & Records Office 
7351 Tompkins Hill Rd.
Eureka, CA 95501

For electronic delivery, send official transcripts to:


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