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Associated Students of College of the Redwoods (A.S.C.R)

ASCR is a student government body. The ASCR oversees student clubs, host events for the student body, and assists students with campus issues.

Student Clubs

The student clubs include academic, social, service groups, and environmental. For more information please visit Student Clubs.

Honors Program

College of the Redwoods Honors Program was created to foster the growth of students who are imaginative, dedicated, and excited about learning. It is a challenging program designed for successful transfer to a competitive four-year college. For more information please visit Honors Program.


Intercollegiate Sports teams at College of the Redwoods includes men's baseball, football, basketball and soccer; and women's basketball, volleyball, soccer and softball. Students can also take courses in aerobics, tennis, weight training, yoga, dance, and pilates.


Opportunities in student government, clubs and other organizations give students a chance to exhibit leadership skills and experience in decision-making, planning , team building, and problem solving. For students wanting to transfer to a university, this is an excellent opportunity to build and to demonstrate your leadership skills, which can be important in university admissions.