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It is the intent of the College of the Redwoods to direct students into courses in which they can achieve academic success. It is in your best interest to complete the prerequisite for a class in which you intend to enroll. Successfully completing the pre-requisite [with a grade of "C" or better] increases your probability for success. It is important for you to understand what a prerequisite is.


A prerequisite is a course you must take or preparation you must have before enrolling in another course. A prerequisite provides you with a set of skills or knowledge. Without these skills you are highly unlikely to succeed in the next course. You will not be permitted to enroll in courses and programs without meeting the appropriate prerequisite. 
Example: completing MATH 380 with a 'C" grade or better is a prerequisite to enroll in MATH 120.

A corequisite is a course that you are required to take at the same time in order to enroll in another course. A corequisite provides a set of skills or a body of knowledge that you must acquire through concurrent enrollment in another course. Without these skills you are highly unlikely to succeed. If a course requires a "corequisite", you must enroll in both courses at the same time. 

You may enroll in any course for which you can meet the necessary prerequisites. If you cannot provide verification for having completed a prerequisite then you will not be able to sign up for the intended class. If you do not pass a prerequisite then you will be dropped from the course and your enrollment fees refunded. You can verify that you have met the stated prerequisite in a variety of ways. For example, by completing the prerequisite at CR, an equivalent prerequisite at another college, and/or obtaining appropriate placement results. If you are not sure whether you have met a prerequisite, meet with an advisor or counselor before registration. This is even more important if you completed the prerequisite at another college.
NOTE: If you are enrolling in a course that is EITHER Math, English or has a prerequisite that was not met at CR but at another college, you will need to have your official transcripts evaluated by a counselor or advisor. Call 707.476. 4106 for assistance.


Students may challenge the prerequisite policy under certain conditions. Please print, sign, and bring this document to the appropriate department for their consideration of your request. Prerequisite Challenge Form

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