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The web Assessment Reporting Tool is open for 2013-2014. We are preparing all revised curriculum to display at the beggining of the fall semester for 2014-2015 reporting.

General Education (GE) Assessment



GE Learning Outcomes & Statement of Philosophy

GE Assessment Plan

One GE outcome is identified each term to assess. A random stratified sample of instructors participate by assessing the identified GE outcome in their class(es) using a common three-point scale.

Assessment Schedule

Fall 2011 - Critical Thinking

Spring 2012 - Global/Cultural Context

Fall 2012 - Effective Communication

Spring 2013 - Critical Thinking
Fall 2013 - Review results of all outcomes
Spring 2014 - Global/Cultural Context

GE assessment reports

Course assessments (GE sample)

Summary of GE sample results & dialogue




Additional Survey Evidence

Prior to the current assessment plan, a survey of GE attainment was conducted:

2010 GE Assessment Survey Summary and questions

The first annual administration of the Completer survey of graduates also collects student ratings of perceived GE learning outcome attainment.


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