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The Associate Faculty Woorkroom is located in the AT Building, Room 100 Room on the Eureka Campus

Phone and Fax
Phone: 707-476-4514
Toll-free: 800-641-0400 x4514
Fax: 707-476-4404

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Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook 

Draft Faculty Handbook/Revisions in process/8/19/2015

A significant amount of review and revision goes into updating the Faculty Handbook.  It became apparent that a Faculty Handbook is a living document, constantly in need of revising and updating.  For that reason, and because of the rising cost to re-print and revise the entire handbook, it was decided to move to a Faculty Handbook Binder and an online version.  Each faculty member is entitled to one binder, to last over a period of several years.  Updates can be sent via email.  Faculty are urged to review the handbook and contact the Office of Instruction with any questions, clarifications or changes to the current material.  The Faculty Handbook will also be available through the Human Resources website.

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