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The Associate Faculty Woorkroom is located in the AT Building, Room 100 Room on the Eureka Campus

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Phone: 707-476-4514
Toll-free: 800-641-0400 x4514
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Final Exams

Final Exams and Final Grades

Final Exams Schedule

Finals schedules are available in the Outlook Public Folders under Academic Affairs, or on the CR site at: http://www.redwoods.edu/acadcal.asp. You may also contact your division administrative staff person for this information.

Final Exams at the Academic Support Center

Below are a few reminders of the college policy on the examinations schedule as it relates to testing in the Academic Support Center: 

  • Please ensure that tests are received by at the Academic Support Center at least 48 hours before the scheduled test.
  • Students must bring verified photo identification to the testing center.
  • Faculty members using ASC testing administration services must provide adequate copies of their exams.  Due to limited time and resources, ASC staff cannot duplicate exams or provide students with Scantron sheets or blue books.
  • According to college regulations, students requesting exams in the Academic Support Center must take them by the designated day and time. 
  • Students who receive verified accommodations with Disabled Students Programs and Services should take their final exams in the ASC at the same time as the class taking the exam. 
  • Those with the accommodation of a private module can reserve their module in the Academic Support Center (limit: 4 hours). Please encourage students to reserve a module a week in advance.    

If you are unable to send the exam/s at least 48 hours in advance, please contact me to make arrangements for delivery and setup options. This will greatly help us resolve any conflicts with the final examination schedule.

Final Grades

Final grade roster information will be delivered to your faculty mailbox near the end of the semester. Typically, final grades are due the Tuesday following finals week. Please contact Rianne Connor or your Division administrative staff if you have any questions. The CTE is also available to help you with using WebAdvisor, MyCR, Gradekeeper, or Excel for final grading procedures.