The Nursing Faculty and Director sincerely wish you satisfying personal and career growth during your educational experience as you progress through College of the Redwoods nursing program.  Students of nursing have unique responsibilities to society; when providing care for others; nursing students maintain a trust that care will be safe, ethical, and professional. 

This handbook has been designed to guide you through the intricacies of the nursing program by providing professional codes and standards as well as program information, curriculum and policies. It supplements the College of the Redwoods’ Board Policies and the College Catalog.  Faculty, students, and administration have collaboratively developed this Handbook and adopted the nursing policies to provide mutual understanding of the programs’ expectations, roles and responsibilities.

You will find this handbook a useful tool throughout the entire nursing program and reference it often.  For your convenience it is also available on the department web page. After you have finished reading it completely, please sign and date the following forms located in Appendix C of this Handbook and submit them to the lead instructor of your first nursing course by the second class meeting:

  • Handbook Verification Form
  • Patient Confidentiality
  • Ethics Statement regarding the use of Instructional Media/Software
  • Release of Medical Information (provided during orientation)

To insure that the college and nursing program is able to contact you and provide additional information promptly, notify the Health Occupations Office, Nursing Course Faculty, and Enrollment Services of any changes in your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, or student status within 24 hours of the change.    Please note:  changing your student information with the Enrollment Services office does not change them with the Health Occupations Office.  We use a separate database.

RN and LVN Faculty and Staff Directory    
ADN & LVN Academic And Clinical Conduct   Health, Safety, and Immunization Requirements
NSNA Code of Academic and Clinical Conduct   Physical Examination and Physical Requirements
CR Student Code of Conduct   Proof of Immunity
Academic Integrity and Honesty   Malpractice Insurance
Student Rights and Responsibilities   CPR
Responsibility/Liability of Instructors and Students   Injury and Exposure Guidelines
Confidentiality   RN and LVN Academic Standards and Policies
General Policies ADN and LVN   Attendance
Transfer and Challenge Policies   Course Assignments
Program Completion   Specific Course Evaluation Information
Program Retention   Unsafe, Unethical and Unprofessional Conduct and Performance
Readmission   Test Taking in Nursing
Due Process: Student Grievance Policy   Clinical Dress Code Policies
Nursing Academic Advisor   Clinical Practice Policies
Advising Students With Performance Deficiencies   Health Occ. Skills Lab, Eureka Campus: Overview
Background Screening   LVN - Licensed Vocational Nursing Program
Enrollment between the RN and LVN Programs   Philosophy
Scheduling Procedures   Curriculum Plan and Conceptual Framework
Communications   Curriculum Objectives
Ceremonies and Outside Activities   Curriculum Pattern
Program Evaluation   LVN Committees
Contact Information: BRN and BVNPT   Course Equivalencies
RN/ADN – Associate Degree, Nursing Program   Advising
Philosophy   Appendix A
ADN Program Terminal Objectives   Campus Resources
Leveled ADN Objectives/Role Competencies   Appendix B - Forms
Curriculum Framework   Anecdotal
The Cube   Skills Lab Referral
ADN Curriculum Pattern   Student Petition for Continuation in the Program
LVN to RN Career Mobility Program   Conference Summary
Course Sequence Requirements   Appendix C – REQUIRED Student Signature Forms
Course Equivalencies   Student Handbook Verification Form (PDF)
Program Committees   Student Acknowledgement of Patient Confidentiality (PDF)
    Ethics Statement Regarding Use of Instructional Media/Software (PDF)
    Medical Information Release (if not returned during Program Orientation) (PDF)
    Clinical Evaluation Instructions