These are “how to” classes for someone who wants to learn a specific musical skill, or who wants to further develop their abilities.  These are semester-long, one-unit courses.  The College of the Redwoods offers instruction in the following areas:

Beginning Band Instruments (Music 22).  Offers instruction in the fundamentals of playing wind instruments or percussion—that is, standard concert band instruments.  Can be repeated four times for credit.  Articulates with H.S.U.’s Music 108B, 108P, or 108W.

Beginning Class Piano (Music 25).  Beginning instruction in piano, in both group and individual formats.  Students are familiarized with the keyboard; rhythm notation and counting; note reading in the treble and bass staffs; fingering technique; basic elements of interpretation (tempo, dynamics, phrasing); and development of right hand/left hand independence.  Articulates with H.S.U.’s Music 108K or 112.

Intermediate Class Piano (Music 25L).  Continued development of piano skills in both group and individual formats.  Use of the pedals is introduced; students continue to develop finger technique, hand-to-hand independence, and subtlety of interpretation through the study of piano literature that introduces a variety of technical and interpretative challenges.  Can be repeated four times for credit.  Articulates with H.S.U.’s Music 109K or 113.

Beginning Class Voice (Music 26).  Group instruction at the beginning level in the development of solo vocal technique.  Breathing techniques, tone quality, and stage presence are covered in a variety of musical styles.  Articulates with H.S.U.’s Music 108V.

Intermediate Class Voice (Music 26L).  Group instruction in more advanced singing concepts.  Can be repeated four times for credit.  Articulates with H.S.U.’s Music 109V.

Beginning Class Guitar (Music 29).  Group instruction in guitar that includes familiarization with the fretboard, fundamental music notation, common chord progressions, and the development of finger independence.

Intermediate Class Guitar (Music 29L).  Continued development of guitar skills in both group and individual formats.  Can be repeated up to four times for credit.  One semester of Music 29 and one semester of Music 29L, or two semesters of Music 29L, articulate with H.S.U.’s Music 108G.

Songwriting (Music 100)Introduction to the techniques of writing song lyrics, including structure, effective use of language, scansion, and development of “hooks.”

Songwriting Lab (Music 100L).  A concentration on the development of songwriting skills.

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Music 22

Music 25

Music 25L

Music 26

Music 26L

Music 29

Music 29L

Music 100

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