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Intermediate Bookkeeping Training (035738)

PLUS Professional Skills for Success

Date                  June 2- August 6, 2014 bookkeeper

Days                  Mondays and Wednesdays

Time                  3:00p-7:00p

Fee                     $595

Class Limit        16

Location             CR Community Education 525 D Street Eureka

Instructor           Taunya Stapp

Jump into this 10 week hands-on small business class to grow your QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Training skills.  If you've done the basic Bookkeeping Training course or are just looking to tone up your skills at work, Intermediate Bookkeeping Training is your next step forward.   This is an opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of manual bookkeeping and be able to have the hands on practice and experience of applying your new knowledge into the actual QuickBooks program.  A great resume builder.

In addition to 64 hours of Intermediate Bookkeeping training, this course also includes 16 hours of Professional Skills training as requested by local employers.


Business to Business Customer Service & Sales Training (035739)

Date                  June 3- July 24, 2014

Days                  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Time                  9:00a-1:00p

Fee                     $595

Class Limit        16

Location             CR Community Education 525 D Street Eureka

Instructor          Garry Nelson

Sales and customer service is a key position within many local   companies.  It is estimated there will be 50 job openings regionally for sales and customer service representatives over the next year.  This custom training was designed to help prepare job seekers to fill that demand.  The course was developed with the input of several local wholesale and manufacturing companies to meet their expectations for the staff they hire.  This training will teach participants the difference between business to business (B2B) sales versus retail sales and will provide the indispensable knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a B2B sales and/or customer service representative.


These Work Readiness trainings are brought to you by College of the Redwoods and the Job Market.

Adults 18+ may qualify for a full scholarship through the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services’ Employment & Training Division.  For more information on the eligibility process,

contact The Job Market at 441-5627. 

Scholarship decisions are made two weeks in advance of the training start date.

For information on other scholarship eligible trainings, visit The Job Market website:



Community edNOTARY PUBLIC CLASS & EXAM (036467) 

Date                       July 15, 2014

Day                         Tuesday

Time                       8:00am – 6:00pm

                                (Re-Commissioning class starts at 12:15)

Class Fee              $105 payable upon registration to CR

                                 (includes class materials)

State Exam Fee    $40 - Check to Secretary of State payable to state proctor day of exam

Class Limit            20

Location                 Classroom at 333 6th Street Suite B Eureka

Instructor               Master's Notary Academy


 Become a California State Notary Public.  California needs additional

professional notaries!.  This class will provide new or previously

commissioned notaries with the education and skills needed to pass

the State proctored examination, detect fraud, and become successful

in a career as a notary.  There is a growing need for notaries in the

expanding financial, real estate, business and law professions.  Become

a valuable employee or own your own business.  This class exceeds

the State qualifications for new applicants and notaries that are renewing

their commissions.  The student will receive a State approved Certificate

of Completion for the class in order to take the State proctored notary

examination.  This is a one-day class that meets the requirements to sit

for the State notary exam.  Commissioned notaries may take this course

six months prior to their commission expiration date. 

Please inquire about the Passport Photo and Live Scan Requirements

Pre-registration and fee required in advance


Notary Public Retest/Test (036468)  

Date                        July 15, 2014

Day                          Tuesday

Time                        3:30pm – 6:00pm

Fee                           $20 payable upon registration to CR

State Exam Fee    $20 retest fee payable to Secretary of State proctor on day of exam

                                  $40 test only fee payable to Secretary of State proctor on day of exam

Class Limit             Subject to availability

Location                Classroom at 333 6th Street Suite B Eureka

Instructor               Master's Notary Academy



CAL FIRE/United States Forest Service Fireline Safety Awareness

for Hired Vendors



cal fire

 CAL FIRE and the United States Forest Service (USFS), in partnership with College of theRedwoods Community Education will be offering the required 2014 fire season hired equipment safety training.

Bulldozer operators, water tenders, crew bus drivers, vehicle drivers and mechanics who have a CAL FIRE/USFS agreement or contract requiring annual safety training will need to take this mandatory class or they will not be eligible for contracts for the entire 2014 fire season. This class will offer hired vendors a better understanding of fire safety and give them the knowledge to stay safe while fighting fires during the 2014 fire season.

For hired vendor contract information, call CAL FIRE Humboldt & Del Norte counties at

707-725-4431, Mendocino County at 707-459-7414 and the US Forest Service at



Class Sign-In: 8:00 a.m.  Class Times: 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.








Room #





Main Campus

7351 Tompkins Hill Rd.

Eureka, CA 95501

HU 110

036643 5/1714 $65


Main Campus

7351 Tompkins Hill Rd.

Eureka, CA 95501

HU 110



Late fee of $10 if not registered three days in advance. Walk-in registration on start date may be accepted depending on availability. We cannot guarantee you a spot in the class unless you pre-register. Due to class size limitation, pre-paid registration is strongly encouraged.


Links to Registration Forms:

Mendocino County Registration Form

Humboldt County Registration Form Eureka, Crescent City, Ruth and Willow Creek

You are welcome to FAX, mail or phone in your registration information.

Contact Community & Economic Development

Mail:  525 D Street

Eureka, CA 95501

Phone: 707.269.4000 Fax: 707.443.3417




                   Group scheduling for 6 or more available

Command Spanish is an occupational Spanish program that teaches

just the phrases one needs in one's job.  Command Spanish

incorporates techniques that teach specific occupational language

in a limited time period.  Instead of focusing on grammar-based

materials, Command Spanish materials utilize phonetic encoding,

a highly effective system that focuses on Spanish pronunciation.

Programs are available in the areas of medical personnel, nursing,

banking, business and industry, education, law enforcement, corrections

and probation, public safety, and many other specific occupations.


The goal is to help organizations make the most of their most valuable

resource –PEOPLE- by improving their performance. The focus is on

“tapping into the reservoir of talent and knowledge” that they have

and how they can apply that knowledge today. Getting your entire

organization involved and on the road to “putting the fun back in business”

is the goal. These seminars and workshops can be configured to meet

your organizations time frame and special needs.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Are You Listening to Me?

Calming the Angry Beast

Customer Service

Effective Communication

Motivating People through Understanding

Problem Solving and Negotiation

Resolving Conflict

Team Building

Time Management

If your specific business training needs are not listed above, or you need

help identifying them through consultation, contact us about our many

different customized training program options.

Contact College of the Redwoods

Community & Economic Development

 525 D Street

Eureka, CA 95501

Phone: 707.269.4000 Fax: 707.443.3417



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