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Construction Technology

Construction Technology - Historic Preservation and Restoration

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The only program of its kind in California, HPRT is unique to construction technology training in public community colleges and one of only a few programs in the United States. In a new era of energy conservation, building reuse is quickly becoming viable in the construction field as the value of embodied energy in existing buildings is critical to minimizing an increased carbon footprint and the skilled carpenter in new construction often lacks specific training required to successfully reuse buildings, in particular those older than 50 years; classified ?Historic?.

HPRT students learn best in a ?Field School? setting, where they restore historic buildings as their classroom learning experience. Students learn to rebuild all components of an historic house by doing; learn various trade skills that include traditional carpentry, window sash repair and glazing, plaster restoration and repair, painting, building assessment, and architectural millwork to replicate missing and damaged trim work. Material Science courses train students in a laboratory environment with a focus on training the fundamentals of material conservation techniques. These are all aspects of building maintenance and reuse that provide students with a strong workforce training.

  • A.S. Degree
  • Certificate of Recognition
  • Building Assessment and Field School hands-on conservation work includes rigorous study in the field of sustainable building construction, reuse, and rehabilitation.
  •  Historic Preservation strategies .
  • Specialized hands-on training with various materials like: wood lath and plaster repairs, stained glass, casting and mold making, wood science, interior surface materials like: wall paper, paints, shellac, and plasters.

Student Club to gain insights into, collegiality, camaraderie, fund raising, marketing, volunteer and paid internships, travel opportunities to projects and events.

See the HPR Student Club Blog @ www.preserveandrestore.blogspot.com for updates to the program.

Art Waves
Listen to insights and HPRT program review by the two students and their professor describe their experiences working in this hands-on working lab: June 2008 Radio Interview by Wendy Butler (from "Artwaves" on KHSU)

Discipline Video

Click on the start triangle to view a short film strip that overviews the HPRT program at College of the Redwoods. This active, hands-on training program is the only program west of Colorado teaching specialties in building rehab and sustainability, focused on our historic built environment.

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