Distance Education

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Tutorials & Workshop Archives

The Tutorials page offers tutorials and resources for MyCR and other online teaching tools. The tutorials page also links to archives of past MyCR workshops.

Captioning & Transcription

Captioning and Transcription for your distance education class material is available through the DECT grant. Please contact the Distance Education department to discuss your project so the best workflow for captioning/transcribing your materials can be determined.

For instructional design services and instructional technology training:

Mark Winter - Faculty Coordinator, Distance Education

LRC, Room L107 | College of the Redwoods Distance Education

Phone: 707-476-4310 | Email: Mark-Winter@Redwoods.edu

Reno Giovannetti, Instructional Technologist
LRC, Room L107 | College of the Redwoods
Phone: 707-476-4568 | Email: Reno-Giovannetti@Redwoods.edu