English 1B: Critical Inquiry and Literature   

Course Description: English 1B is an intensive critical writing, reading, and thinking course designed to fulfill both the second-semester composition course required for transfer into the UC system and the critical thinking course required for transfer into the CSU system.


Syllabus Calendar 

Grades This I Believe Dance Macabre
First Day Links Informational Links Music from "Two Kinds"
Journals Confusing Pairs Fallacies Review
Plot summary versus analysis Turnitin.com Last Minute Fallacies Review
MLA Final Study List Fun Fallacies Review Site
Bedford Handbook link Final Review Authors
Feedback Sheets Sentence Samples Joseph Campbell Quotes
Transitions Practice Writing a Formal Outline Tim O'Brien's Website
Research Paper Links The Lottery Choices of Successful Students
Joseph Campbell Videos Ethos, Pathos, Logos Allegory of the Cave Images
Evaluating Sources They Say I Say Templates Paper 2 Options
Why to Use the Oxford Comma    

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