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Community College Honors Research Symposium at Stanford University, May 4, 2013(click here to see what the research conference is like). There will be a Symposium at UC Berkeley in 2014. Honors Students will be notified about the deadlines for submitting their research proposal to the conference as soon as that information becomes available.


Honors Transfer Council of California

Transfer Alliance Program
College of the Redwoods negotiates special transfer agreements linking community college honors/scholars' programs to specific universities, large or small, public or private. Students completing our programs then enjoy enhanced transfer consideration at the partner-campus, e.g., guaranteed or priority acceptance, special scholarships, housing priority, and a range of other academic and social benefits such as library privileges even before transfer.

Honors Program
Honors Student

"It's great to have a room full of working minds who truly want to learn."
Jacki Cahill, honors student


If you've heard of the College of the Redwoods Honors Program and pictured a bunch of nerds with their noses either always to the grindstone or stuck up in the air, you’ve got the wrong picture. Students in the program are a diverse collection, ranging in appearance from dreadlocked to blow-dried, ranging in interests from technology to holistic medicine –and the whole gamut in between. What they have in common is their interest in learning, an interest that goes beyond only the grade.

College of the Redwoods Honors Program exists to provide students the higher level of intellectual and academic rigor they desire, to help those students achieve their educational goals, to enhance their opportunities to transfer to the universities of their choice, and to create a community of student scholars at the College of the Redwoods. It is a challenging program designed for successful transfer to a competitive four-year college. Honors students have access to specially designed honors seminar classes (when the state budget permits this), the ability to create original research projects in classes they take through the Honors Contract System, special academic advising, cultural events and trips, use of the extensive HSU Library, and close contact with faculty. Honors seminar classes, selected each semester to satisfy CSU and UC transfer requirements, differ from regular classes in creativity and preparation by both students and faculty. The innovative approaches to learning, not possible in traditionally structured classes, often excite students most about the honors curriculum. Upon completion of the program, honors graduates have access to priority admission, special scholarships, and other benefits at prestigious universities. 

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Honors Group at Berkeley


CR's Honors Program is designed to help students succeed in transferring to competitive four-year schools. Once accepted, students enroll in at least one of the three or four Honors seminar classes offered each semester or take a course under contract to receive Honors credit. The seminar classes, limited to no more than twenty-five Honors students, are enhanced sections of courses that fulfill both the California State University General Education Requirements for Transfer and the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum Requirements.


  • Exciting cultural events and field trips
  • Full access to the Humboldt State University Library
  • Special academic advising
  • Close contact with faculty
  • Intellectual and social camaraderie