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Bay Area Consortium Honors Research Symposium

Honors Students will be notified about the deadlines for submitting their research proposal to the conference as soon as that information becomes available.

The 2015 Bay Area Honors Reseach Symposium will be held on May 3, 2015 at Stanford University.  All CR Honors students are invited to attend the Stanford conference with us and to support the three CR Honors students who will be making presentations of their original research:  Stella Matteoli McNeil, Christopher Pitts, and Djineva Reneau-Tuzzolino


Honors Transfer Council of California

Transfer Alliance Program
College of the Redwoods negotiates special transfer agreements linking community college honors/scholars' programs to specific universities, large or small, public or private. Students completing our programs then enjoy enhanced transfer consideration at the partner-campus, e.g., guaranteed or priority acceptance, special scholarships, housing priority, and a range of other academic and social benefits such as library privileges even before transfer.

Honors Program


"It's great to have a room full of working minds who truly want to learn."
- Jacki Cahill, honors student

Below is a collection of images of many honors students and special events.  Descriptions will be added soon.

Last year in Ashland:

On the way to Ashland

           On the way to Ashland

Students and faculty outside the theater

           Students and faculty members outside the theater before Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

In Ashland

                                               In Ashland, relaxing


At the conference at UC Berkeley (May 2010):


UC Berkeley gate

           Underneath the UC Berkeley gate (student presenters Yohani Guerrero (left) and J.T. Lovelace (second from right)

Keynote speaker

     Inside the large conference hall for the keynote presentation


Some photos from past years:

Former Honors Coordinator Pat McCutcheon talks with Honors students

                  Former Honors Coordinator Pat McCutcheon with students


Honors students fall meeting

                   Honors student fall meeting


Honors students fall meeting

                  Honors students fall meeting


San Francisco trip

                    Trip to San Francisco