College of the
Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

Redwoods Community College District

Chapter 6. Business and Fiscal Affairs



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BP 6100 Delegation of Authority
   Delegation of Authority
BP 6150 Designation of Authorized Signatures
   Designation of Authorized Signatures
BP 6200 Budget Preparation
   Budget Preparation
BP 6250 Budget Management
  Budget Management
BP 6300 Fiscal Management
   Fiscal Management
BP 6320 Investments
   AP 6322 Employee Indemnity Bonds
BP 6330 Purchasing
BP 6331 Employee Microcomputer Purchase Program
  Employee Microcomputer Purchase Program
BP 6340 Contracts
   Bids and Contracts
  Bids and Contracts - UPCCAA
   Contracts – Construction
   Contracts – Electronic Systems and Materials
   Accessibility of Information Technology
   Contracts – Personal Services
BP 6400 Audits
  Cellular Phone Program
  Use of Cellular Phones While Driving
BP 6500 Property Management
   AP 6500 Property Management
BP 6510 Property Records and Inventory
BP 6520 Security for District Property
   Security for District Property
   District Vehicles
BP 6540 Insurance
  AP 6540 Insurance
BP 6550 Disposal of Property
   Disposal of Property
BP 6600 Capital Construction
   Capital Construction
BP 6620 Naming Buildings
BP 6700 Use of District Facilities
  Use of District Facilities
BP 6710 Advertising Signs in Athletics Facilities
BP 6740 Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
   Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
BP 6750 Parking and Traffic Regulations
  Parking and Traffic Regulations
BP 6801 Injury and Illness Prevention Program (SB 198)
BP 6850 Hazardous Materials Plan
  Hazardous Materials Plan
  Eye Protection
BP 6950 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Plan for Commercial Drivers
  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Plan for Controlled Substance Testing