2013-2014 Degree Listing

2013-2014 Degrees and Certificates

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DepartmentDegree Campus
Addiction StudiesCertificate of AchievementEurekaDel Norte
Administration of JusticeAssociate of ScienceEureka
Administration of Justice (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Advanced Automotive TechnologyCertificate of AchievementEureka
Agriculture - Agriculture ProductionAssociate of ScienceEureka
Agriculture - GeneralAssociate of ScienceEureka
Architectural DraftingAssociate of ScienceEureka
Architectural Drafting (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Automotive TechnologyAssociate of ScienceEureka
Basic Automotive TechnologyCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Basic Law Enforcement AcademyCertificate of AchievementEureka
BookkeepingCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Business - GeneralAssociate of ScienceEureka
Business - Small Business ManagementCertificate of AchievementEureka
Cabinetmaking & MillworkCertificate of AchievementEureka
CADD/CAM Design & ManufacturingAssociate of ScienceEureka
CADD/CAM Design & Manufacturing (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
CIS Network TechnicianCertificate of RecognitionEureka
CIS NetworkingAssociate of ScienceEureka
CIS Networking (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Civil DesignAssociate of ScienceEureka
Civil Design (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Computer Support SpecialistAssociate of ScienceEureka
Construction TechnologyAssociate of ScienceEureka
CorrectionsAssociate of ScienceDel Norte
Corrections (CA)Certificate of AchievementDel Norte
Culinary ArtsAssociate of ScienceEureka
Culinary Arts (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Dental AssistingAssociate of ScienceEureka
Dental Assisting CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Digital MediaAssociate of ScienceEureka
Digital Media (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Early Childhood EducationAssociate of ScienceEurekaDel Norte
Early Childhood Education (CA)Certificate of AchievementEurekaDel NorteMendocino
Electric Arc & Oxyacetylene WeldingCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Fine Woodworking ICertificate of AchievementMendocino
Fine Woodworking IICertificate of AchievementMendocino
Fire TechnologyAssociate of ScienceEureka
Forestry & Natural Resources TechnologyAssociate of ScienceEureka
Forestry TechnologyCertificate of AchievementEureka
GeomaticsCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Historic Preservation & RestorationAssociate of ScienceEureka
Historic Preservation & RestorationCertificate of AchievementEureka
Hospitality Management - Hotel EmphasisAssociate of ScienceEureka
Hospitality Management - Hotel Emphasis (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Liberal Arts: AgricultureAssociate of ArtsEureka
Liberal Arts: Behavioral and Social ScienceAssociate of ArtsEurekaDel NorteMendocino
Liberal Arts: BusinessAssociate of ArtsEurekaMendocino
Liberal Arts: Fine ArtsAssociate of ArtsEurekaDel NorteMendocino
Liberal Arts: Humanities - Language & CommunicationAssociate of ArtsEurekaDel NorteMendocino
Liberal Arts: MathematicsAssociate of ArtsEureka
Liberal Arts: ScienceAssociate of ArtsEureka
Liberal Arts: Science ExplorationAssociate of ArtsEurekaDel NorteMendocino
Licensed Vocational NursingAssociate of ScienceEurekaDel Norte
Licensed Vocational Nursing (CA)Certificate of AchievementEurekaDel Norte
LVN to RN - 30-unit OptionCertificate of AchievementEureka
LVN to RN - Career MobilityAssociate of ScienceEureka
Management & SupervisionCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Manufacturing TechnologyAssociate of ScienceEureka
Manufacturing Technology (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Marine ScienceAssociate of ScienceMendocino
Marine Science (CA)Certificate of AchievementMendocino
Mechanical DraftingAssociate of ScienceEureka
Mechanical Drafting (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
MIG & TIG WeldingCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Natural HistoryCertificate of RecognitionMendocino
North Coast ParamedicAssociate of ScienceEureka
North Coast Paramedic (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Office ProfessionalAssociate of ScienceEureka
Payroll ClerkCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Registered NursingAssociate of ScienceEureka
Residential Construction ICertificate of AchievementEureka
Residential Construction IICertificate of AchievementEureka
Residential WiringCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Restaurant ManagementAssociate of ScienceEureka
Restaurant Management (CA)Certificate of AchievementEureka
Solar Photovoltaic TechnicianCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Solar Thermal TechnicianCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Transfer Degree : Early Childhood EducationAssociate in Science for TransferEureka
Transfer Degree : MathematicsAssociate in Science for TransferEureka
Transfer Degree : PsychologyAssociate in Arts for TransferEureka
Transfer Degree : Studio ArtsAssociate in Arts for TransferEureka
Welding - GeneralCertificate of RecognitionEureka
Welding TechnologyCertificate of AchievementEureka
Word ProcessingCertificate of RecognitionEureka

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