College of The Redwoods Security

Security at College of the Redwoods is everybody’s business. No community can be totally risk free in today’s society. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are partners in creating an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. To that end College of the Redwoods maintains a Public Services/Security Department with personnel available twenty-four hours a day. A person may report any criminal activity or any other emergency at any time, day or night, by dialing extension 4111 from any campus courtesy or office phone. If dialing from a pay phone or off-campus phone, the 476 prefix must be added (476-4111). The Public Services/Security office is located in the main parking lot at the South Entrance to the campus.

Most campus buildings are open from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. during periods that classes are in session. Individual rooms may be locked due to sensitive contents such as computers, medical equipment, etc., until the arrival of the specific instructor.

Individuals who need to be in campus buildings or areas other than during regularly scheduled work hours should notify their department chairperson or supervisor as well as the campus Public Safety Officer on duty so that they can be checked on for their safety. Several campus room are protected by intrusion alarms. Before entering such areas, the Public Services/Security Department should be called.

Campus buildings are normally locked from 5:30 p.m. Friday until 7:00 a.m. Monday. College Public Safety Officers will unlock doors for weekend classes and other events as published in the Facilities Use Schedules which are prepared by Facilities and Grounds.

It is the responsibility of those who use rooms, offices and areas to lock access doors, turn off lights, and close windows. College Public Services and Custodial staff will check the entire campus during off hours, but the primary responsibility lies with the facility user.

Keys are provided to individual staff members on a needto- enter basis as determined by the appropriate supervisor. Keys are issued by Facilities and Grounds. Lost keys should be immediately reported to one’s supervisor, Facilities and Grounds and Security. Keys should never be loaned to other staff members or students. College Public Services/ Security personnel will confiscate any keys which have not been specifically issued to a particular individual. Duplication of District keys is a misdemeanor.

District owned property is not to be removed from the campus without expressed written authorization from the department chairperson or area supervisor. Unauthorized removal of District property from the campus is a violation of the law and may be prosecuted by the District.

It is the policy of the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees to provide reasonable protection to the college community using methods that fit within and contribute to the educational philosophy of the institution. This protection extends to both the users of college facilities, and the facilities themselves. Law enforcement for the campus is provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department who investigates crimes of violence and other felonies. College Public Services/Security provides first response to all crimes reported and investigates minor, or misdemeanor offenses. They report such offenses to the Administration where a determination is made as to possible disciplinary action. Campus Security personnel are not peace officers and do not have the arrest authority of a peace officer. They may perform citizen’s arrests on behalf of the College at the request of law enforcement personnel.

College of the Redwoods has a formal memorandum of understanding with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department to provide investigative and response assistance for violent crimes, or those crimes beyond the capabilities of the Public Services/Security personnel. The Sheriff’s Department is called at any time that an arrest is anticipated.

College of the Redwoods also employs student parking enforcement personnel with local training specific to parking enforcement. They are not peace officers. All college personnel are instructed to promptly report criminal or other suspicious behavior to the Public Services/Security Department for investigation. The public is encouraged to do the same.

An essential ingredient to any successful crime prevention program is an informed public. It is the intent of College of the Redwoods to inform students and staff, in a timely manner, of any criminal activity or security problems which may pose a threat to their physical safety or the protection of their property. Such information is normally distributed to students through messages posted on kiosks and bulletin boards throughout the campus, and more heavily in the area affected by the activity. Staff members are informed through memos and/or e-mail.

Public training is also a critical element to a campus safety program. Departments within Student Learning Support Services including Student Health, Housing, and Counseling sponsor programs on various topics ranging from sexual assault awareness to substance abuse prevention. Public Services/Security also provides programs suitable for college success classes on general safety, proactive self-protection and crime prevention on campus.

Finally, an effective crime prevention program includes at least some measure of people watching out for one another. All staff and students are asked to be alert, security conscious and willing to be involved. Call the college Public Services/Security staff at extension 4111 whenever you observe suspicious behavior on campus.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement coverage for the areas adjacent to the college campus. While a formal agreement does not exist, the Sheriff’s Department provides information concerning serious crime in areas adjacent to the college and such information is disseminated in the fashion described in crime prevention