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Testing Services

The ASC offers a variety of testing services to support student learning and serve the public at large. All exams given by the ASC must be authorized by the instructor and all students taking exams must have a valid photo I.D. card or CR I.D. number.

Some instructors teach their college courses through the local cable network or the Internet. Very often, they never even meet their students in person. Nevertheless, these instructors still need to assess the learning of their students. Since students take distance education classes because of the flexibility of their delivery, these individuals also need flexible testing times. By administering distance education tests in the ASC over a given period of time, we help to provide that flexibility for students and instructors alike.

Students enrolled in English 150 & 350 courses must pass a Competency Exam in order to advance to the next course. English Competency Exams are usually administered the last week of classes, which is the week prior to Final Examinations. An instructional memo noting English Competency Exam dates/times (as well as specific instructions for administering them) will be distributed to and reviewed with each student employee prior to exam week. ESOL students typically receive time and a half for their tests. DSPS students receive the time allotted on their accommodative services agreement. Students who require distraction-reduced testing modules or are allowed to use a computer must make prior arrangements & reservations.

Students other than DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services) or ESOL are allowed to make up the Competency exam with instructor permission on the appropriate day and designated time. Instructors will turn in the “Test Administration Form” and writing prompts/instructions, just as they do for any other test they have administered in the ASC.

DSPS students who have approved testing accommodations can take their exams in the ASC. To receive these accommodations, DSPS students must bring a current test proctoring card which has been signed by their instructor(s). Some typical accommodations provided by the ASC are extended time, distraction-reduced testing modules, readers, scribes, medical breaks, and use of a computer. Students who have questions should contact DSPS at 476-4280 or the Tina Vaughan at 476-4168.

The ASC is recognized as a testing site for many educational institutions. Students who need to have a test administered in the ASC because they are taking a course at another college can fill out paperwork requesting to do so and schedule a test date with the Assessment Supervisor. The cost is $20/hour of the scheduled exam and needs to be paid to the Business Office prior to arranging a test date and time. Receipts should be brought to the Assessment Supervisor.


  • Test proctoring for entire classes (aside from Distance Education courses)
  • Online traffic schools (refer inquiries to Humboldt County Library or the Arcata Branch Library)
  • SAT, GRE, ACT, (refer inquiries to Humboldt State University)
  • CBEST, LSAT, MCAT, PRAXIS, RICA (refer inquiries to Humboldt State University)
  • GED preparation services (refer people to Community Education  located at 525 D St. Eureka; 707-476-4500)
  • Assessment Test

    All entering CR students must take assessments in order to determine their current skill levels for placement into appropriate English and math courses. Click here to obtain more information about Math/English assessments.

    GED Test

    d Many adults who did not complete a high school program of instruction have continued to learn through a variety of experiences encountered in everyday life. The purpose of the GED Testing Program is to provide an opportunity for these individuals to have the learning acquired from such educational experiences evaluated and recognized. The GED Tests make it possible for qualified individuals to earn a high school credential, thus providing opportunities for hundreds of thousands of adults to: pursue a higher education, obtain jobs or job promotions, and/or achieve personal goals.

    Other Tests

    If you are a Instructor, download here a ASC Test Administration Form.

    Students requesting to take a final exam outside of the regularly scheduled final exam time must have their instructor’s authorization prior to Finals Week. Every student who takes a final in the Academic Support Center must be listed on the “Test Administration” form. Refer students to their instructors if there are any questions about this policy. Due to lack of staffing and space, the ASC cannot under any circumstances accommodate entire classes for final exams.

    MATH 25 AND MATH 30
    Some Math 25 and Math 30 classes are considered hybrid courses. These sections require both on-campus attendance and online coursework. Students take proctored online exams in the Academic Support Center. They must have a College of the Redwoods ID card to log into the Track-It program designated for these courses. Students are allowed scratch paper and calculators, but they must check in their backpacks at the front desk and get a baggage claim ticket. All ASC employees must use the proctor ID and log-in to grant students access to the online exam. This ID and log-in password should remain confidential. Students who are taking their Math 25 or 30 exams in the ASC should direct any difficulties to their instructor. DSPS students who receive extra time on their tests may be taking Math 25 or 30; they should be logged into the system under the course Math 25X or 30X to get the extra time allotted to them.

    Toward the end of the semester, Nursing students may want to schedule an appointment in the Academic Support Center to take an assessment for their licensing. The maximum time a student has to take these exams is three hours. Students can only take these exams once.