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ss Once students have filled out and turned in their enrollment forms and have a current CR ID number, they can take English and math assessments. All entering CR students must take assessments (as part of the matriculation process) in order to determine their current skill levels for placement into appropriate courses. Currently, assessments are given at scheduled dates and times and students must reserve a space in advance. For more information call the ASC at (707) 476-4106. All of the following tests are held in the Academic Support Center.

Practice For Your Test

The Learning Resource Center has a variety of resources available to help students prepare for their math assessments. The Library has numerous math texts in the general collection that students and community members can borrow once they have a library card. To secure a library card, patrons need a valid photo I.D. and verification (such as a PG&E bill) of a local address within Humboldt, Mendocino, or Del Norte counties.

In addition, the Math Department has created practice tests so that students can select the test that most suits their preparation level. Math assessments are typically 45 minutes long.

Some online resources are available to assist with preparation for English assessments, which are untimed.

Go under "Practice Tests" and click on "Sentence Skills" and "Reading."

Scroll down to take a practice test for "Reading Comprehension" and "Sentence Skills."

Click on "Study Guide for the Computerized Placement Tests (PDF file 54K)

Go under "Practice Tests" and click on "Sentence Skills" and "Reading." There is an excellent review.

Important Reminders
  • Anyone taking an assessment MUST present a current photo ID at the time of testing or will not be permitted to take the exam. Acceptable photo IDs include: a valid driver's license, state ID card, or passport. Examinees should also know their Social Security # and CR ID #. Anyone not complying with these terms will not be able to take a test.
  • Results for all students are available immediately after testing.
  • Accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Students requesting accommodations need to provide 24-hour advance notice to the Assessment Supervisor.
  • Space is limited. Sessions are offered on a reservation basis only. Prospective students may call (707) 476-4106 to reserve a space for any session. They must know their CR ID # to register.
  • No calculators are allowed during the assessments.
  • Interested new students can elect to participate in a one-day assessment, orientation, and advising session. New students who do not participate in the one-day program will be contacted by Counseling & Advising to schedule orientation and advising, where they can register for classes.
  • Returning and transfer-in students can register for classes online through WebAdvisor the day after their assessment testing.

Assessment Exemptions
  • Students who have obtained an AA/AS degree or higher and have completed the appropriate level of Math classes. Transcripts must be verified by Counseling and Advising prior to registration.
  • Students attending CR in order to maintain a certificate or license (e.g. Real Estate, Nursing, or Administration of Justice).
  • Students attending CR for the sole purpose of personal enrichment who are enrolling only in a course or courses that are designated as recreation or activity-oriented. Should a student choose to enroll at a later time in courses that are not recreation or activity-oriented, he or she will need to complete assessment.
  • Students who provide verification of having completed state-approved placement tests at another California community college within the past three years. Test placement scores and test date must be provided to the Counseling Center.
  • Students having completed college level English and/or math courses with a grade of C or better at other accredited colleges. Transcripts showing class and class grade must be provided to the Counseling Center. If the course was completed five or more years ago, it is strongly recommended that students complete assessment to re-evaluate their math and skills.
  • Students who verify completion of the College Entrance Examination Board Math and/or English Advanced Placement Examination with scores of 3, 4, or 5.
  • Assessment Re-tests
    • All re-tests must comply with current English and Math Department policies.
    • The English Department does not allow re-tests for placement into English courses for a period of three years. Once students have taken the Reading Comprehension & Sentence Skills assessment and enrolled in the English sequence of courses, there is no opportunity to re-test. Should students have questions regarding the appropriateness of their placement, they must conference with an Academic Advisor.
    • Besides disputing initial placement results, there is an opportunity for students who place into English 350 to challenge the English 150 Competency Exam and be promoted to English 1A once they have successfully completed the course; however, there are several criteria which must be met. These include receiving an A in the course, a 4 or 5 on the English 350 competency exam, a 4 or 5 on the English 150 competency exam, recommendation from the English 350 instructor, and agreement to co-enroll in English 152 and 1A.
    • The Math Department allows students to re-take any level Math assessment twice within a testing period.


    If a student is taking a distance education course, placement test, entrance examination, etc.  from another college and need a proctor to administer the test/s please read the following information:

    • Call 707.476.4168 or stop in at the Academic Support Center at the main Eureka campus.
    • Schedule test date
    • Pay $20/hour fee (based on allotted test time by the institution)
    • Payments must be made at the Cashier window in Business Office (707-476-4126)
    • Bring receipt on the day of test
    • Tests will be sent by USPS mail (included)
    • Fed Ex/UPS (extra charge)