College of the Redwoods Library

Printing and Photocopying


The Eureka Campus Library has three copy machines, one of which will make color copies. All copy machines can make transparencies. Copy machines can reduce or enlarge your original when copying. Black and white copies are ten cents and color copies are fifty cents. Two machines have bill acceptors and will provide change after you have made at least on copy. Currently, all copy machines are cash only.

Photocopy machines are located in the small room around the corner to the left of the Circulation Services Desk. Photocopying is for educational purposes only and is subject to Copyright Law.


Printing is available from any networked computer workstation in the LRC and Library. However, there is no way to access to the printing network from the wireless network. There is a charge for all printing. Cash can not be used, you must use your Library / Student I.D. card, or you must purchase a separate print card. Use cash to add value to the card at the "Print Card Value Station" located next to the "Print Release Station". For every $1.00 value you add to the card, you will get $1.20 print value.

From the computers, send your print job as usual. You may choose the color printer at this time if you wish. Note the last three digits on the computer "Go-Print" number from the sign on the monitor. Go to the "Print Release Station" where you will see your computer number on the menu. Select that number, then select your print job, then use your card to pay for and release your print job to the printer, which is located on top of the Circulation Services Desk.

There are separate Print Release Stations in the Academic Support Center, which is located through the Library at the north end of the LRC building, and in the Writing Center. At both these locations, the printer is next to the release station.

Directions for successful printing Word and PDF documents, printing from MyCR, and from the Library research database EBSCO, are detailed in a pamphlet available in the Library, "Printing using the Library Computers." Copies are next to the Print Release station, or ask Library staff.