The Book of the Year Committee offers the following research links as a tool for students, faculty, and community members to further explore issues associated with the novel. We realize that this is only a very small sampling of weblinks; however, if you find excellent links, please feel free to send them to us, and we'll post them.

Also note that the Committee is aware that the novel touches upon controversial topics, and so you'll find links below represent some aspects of those controversies; however, we have tried to present a balanced view upon such controversies--preferring to inform rather than to indoctrinate.

General Information on the author:

Overview of the Novel and Kent Haruf and interview with the author

Interview with Kent Haruf about his Peace Corps Service

Teenage Pregnancy:

Planned Parenthood's search engine provides a wide variety of articles on teen pregnancy:

A pro-life website with first person accounts from teens who have had
abortions, as well as other resources:

Teen pregnancy: overall trends and state-by-state statistics:

Alan Guttmacher Institute: Trends & lessons learned in teen pregnancy:

Center for Disease Control & Prevention: A variety of articles concerning
teen pregnancy:

Annie E. Casey Foundation Search Engine results for Teen Pregnancy:

Life in Small Town USA:

Small-Town America: a catalogue of stereoscopic views:

The Small Town Center provides information on research & design relating to small communities nationwide:

An article entitled "The Second Coming of the American Small Town" about the trend amongst Americans to resist the urban and suburban experience:

A website dedicated to small town newspapers in the USA:


Families: Information on both traditional and non-traditional families

An Associated Press article on recent trends in American families:

A Gannett News Service article on more recent trends in American families:

Don't trust the media report of the 2000 Census? Find out for yourself about recent trends in the USA at the Census Bureau:

A listing of website related to non-traditional families:

A critique of the Census Bureau and the media in relation to traditional family decline:

Mental Health & Families:

Mental health resources on the web for families:

Children, Youth, and Family Consortium: Mental health and families:

National Mental Health Association: Children and Families:

A mental health activist's website with numerous links:

Information about the effects of second-hand smoke


Quit Smoking