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22 April 2020

Rebecca Gwin

Scholarship Program Coordinator

Rebecca Gwin

Rebecca Gwin was born in Southern California, but grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. While on vacation in 2007, she visited family in Eureka and fell in love with Humboldt County’s weather, beauty, and community. Upon returning home, she decided that Las Vegas was too hot and it was time for a change. Two months later she graduated from University of Phoenix – Las Vegas Campus with a B.S. in Human Services/Management and promptly moved to Eureka.

Rebecca has enjoyed making Humboldt County her home. In her free time she can be found exploring nature or attending community events with her family. She can often be found dancing with her husband and daughter at the Friday Night Markets. Rebecca is thankful for the opportunity to work at CR. Education is important which is something she hopes to instill in her daughter.

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