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5 March 2020

Scott Pesch

Board Member

Scott Pesch

I had a strong-felt realization during a Rotary meeting about 10 years ago that there is a time in your career when you have met your family’s needs, then it’s time to give back to your community! I’m pleased to be involved with so many great organizations here on the Northcoast and I appreciate and am honored to have been asked to serve on the College of the Redwoods Foundation Board.

I’m fortunate to have been coaching track & field at both Eureka High School and Cal Poly Humboldt University for a combined 16 years. Soon I’ll be giving up the gavel and will be the Past President of the Rotary Club of Southwest Eureka, in which I’ve been a member since 1996, but with two extended absences. I was lucky enough to serve on the Eureka Chamber of Commerce Board for 3 years before being the 2021 Chair. Since 1993, I’ve been involved in the local real estate profession and have owned Coldwell Banker Commercial Pacific Partners for 20 years.

I attended Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and then made my way up to Cal Poly Humboldt to run track & field, graduate with an exercise physiology undergraduate degree in 1990 followed by an MBA degree in 2006. Very proud of my family…my lovely wife Rachel, who keeps everything together! My son Ethan who will be attending University of Arizona (fall 2023) after attending junior college for two years; Ellie, who is attending College of the Redwoods and playing basketball; and Emily, who will be a senior at Eureka High School this fall and continue to run track.

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