College of the
High Tech Center


Lab Rules in the High Tech Center

  • No software may be removed from the lab AT ANY TIME.
  • No copying of any programs is allowed. If you bring your own software (e.g. CD-ROM from textbooks), it must first be checked in with the staff.
  • Do not move or reposition the computers or equipment (except for computer keyboards and mice).
  • Please, no food or drinks near the computers or equipment.
  • Please refrain from wearing colognes, strongly scented hair and bath products, after-shave lotions, etc. when coming to the HTC. Some individuals are chemically sensitive and have severe allergic reactions to chemicals.
  • Please save all your documents and files to your own floppy (A: Drive), ZIP disks, or USB flash drives . The HTC can not be held responsible for files left on the hard drives.
  • The HTC is not responsible for any personal items such as backpacks, coats, etc.
  • Turn off cell phone ringers.  If you receive a call, please step outside to talk on the phone.
  • The computers are to be used for schoolwork only. NO Internet chat, instant messaging, podcasting, nor streaming audio or video that is not schoolwork related.
  • The HTC offers printing for students in the Library using the GoPrint System for 10 cents per page.
  • Please check with staff before downloading any files from the Internet or before opening e-mail attachments.
  • Do not log off of the HTC computers or shut down without letting a staff member know beforehand.
  • If a computer does not work correctly please notify a staff member. Do not try to fix the problem yourself. 
  • Please be courteous and quiet so others may study while in the HTC.

All CR students must follow the College of the Redwoods Student Code of Conduct

Thank you

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