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Mathematics is used to develop techniques to model real world applications, design efficient methods to solve problems, and create theories for problems we have yet to solve. Math majors find careers in teaching, finance, computing, biotechnology and actuarial science - and many other areas dependent on the ability to think logically.

Transfer Opportunities

The Associate in Science in Mathematics for Transfer at College of the Redwoods allows students to transfer seamlessly to a bachelor’s degree program at a CSU. 

For the full list of CSUs accepting this transfer degree, check out

Jon Pace

Jon Pace

"Mathematics is one way we can better understand the world we live in. Our world is full of complicated systems that are constantly changing, and modeling these systems with mathematics provides us with insight into how the system works and how our interactions with the systems may affect both the system and ourselves."

Levi Gill

Levi Gill

"If you walk by one of my classes, you'll generally see a class busy in small groups, talking through activities together. This gives students a chance to engage in the material, get hands-on, and discuss things they tried and learned together."

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