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WebAdvisor Tutorials for Students

How to Login to WebAdvisor for the first time.

Select the Log In link

The Log In page appears

Enter your WebAdvisor User Name

Your WebAdvisor User Name is in this format: 

First initial             Full last name         Last 3 digits
of first name                                        of your student

                                                             ID number     

a            +             smith         +       0155612

User Name:  asmith612

Select the password text box Enter your password:  

The first time you log in, your password is set to your 6-digit birth date. 

July 12, 1964:     071264  

Click the SUBMIT button

The Change Password page appears Enter your user name in this box.

You are required to change your WebAdvisor password at this time. 

Your new password must be 6 to 9 characters in length and include at least 1 number. 

This number cannot be in the first position of the password.  

An example would be:  student6

Enter your 6-digit birthdate.

Enter your new password.  Keep this password in a safe place so you can refer back to it.

Re-enter your new password

Enter a password hint incase your forget your new password

Click the SUBMIT button

The WebAdvisor Main Menu page appears Select the Students link

Congratulations!  You have successfully logged into WebAdvisor


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