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College of the Redwoods Announces Plans for Spring Semester

Published on 9/14/2020.

As the third week of the fall semester ends, College of the Redwoods is actively planning for the spring and summer semesters using health data and advice from medical and public health experts.   

Based on the most recent available data, the current plan is to continue offering instruction and wrap-around services predominately online in the spring semester. However, the college is planning to build some flexibility into the schedule and increase face-to-face or hybrid offerings to allow students to pursue their studies in the setting most conducive to their learning styles.

This fall, 14% of CR’s sections were offered face-to-face, the goal is to increase that to 30% by the spring.   

“I believe that we have learned a lot from our experience over the past several weeks, and I feel confident that we can increase the number of face-to-face or hybrid classes without creating undue risk to our students, faculty or staff,” says CR President Dr. Keith Flamer. 

As with the current semester, the majority of CR’s administrative work will be conducted remotely, save for some mission-critical operations that cannot be done online. The college will also continue to make accommodations for anyone who may have underlying medical conditions that heighten their risk of getting very sick from the virus.  

“We will continue to collaborate with the County Health Department, campus constituent groups, and the community to make sure we have the proper protocols in place to ensure the health and well-being of our college community,” says Flamer. “Please look for more details on our spring semester reopening plan in a few months.”

Additionally, CR will host a virtual community forum on October 8, where the administration will take questions from the public and discuss key topics such as recent accomplishments, student success targets, athletics, and plans for the spring semester. For more information, please see the College of the Redwoods Facebook page or visit


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