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Visiting Writers Series

Visiting Writers Archive

Past Visiting Writers at College of the Redwoods include:

In a Town This Size:  
Daryl Ngee Chinn, Richard Cortez Day, Jeff DeMark,Jim Dodge, 
Ellen Givins, Cecelia Holland, 
Celia Homesley, Freeman House, 
Laura Koskinen, Julian Lang, 
Jerry Martien, Pat McCutcheon, 
Jude Nutter, Roy Parvin, 
Vinnie Peloso, Ray Raphael,
Jerry Rohde,Amy Stewart, 
and Dick Stull.
Spring 2004

Ray Raphael
Helena Maria Viramontes
Joelle Fraser
Mel Mermelstein
Michael Koepf
Jeff DeMark
Jon Humboldt Gates
Freeman House
Julia Butterfly Hill
Michael Byers
Dorianne Laux
Roy Parvin
Jim Dodge
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Spring 2000

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