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10 July 2017

College of the Redwoods Del Norte receives telescope donation

College of the Redwoods Del Norte receives telescope donation

The College of the Redwoods Del Norte Education Center has received a generous donation of a Meade Newtonian telescope from the Smith River Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to long-term protection, stewardship, and restoration of Del Norte's Smith River Watershed.

This telescope is a research-grade model that will allow detailed views of planets, and also the ability to see deep-space nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters.

“The Del Norte campus should consider itself very fortunate to have a research-grade telescope” said chemistry Professor Frank Simpson. “It is ready to show the universe to the students at Del Norte.”

Although the CR Del Norte campus only offers one section of Astronomy per year, taught in summer session, Dr. Simpson can see the telescope as an educational tool for a number of science and mathematics disciplines. Dr. Simpson also sees an Astronomy Club on the horizon for the Del Norte campus.

The telescope originally was donated to the Smith River Alliance by Chris Brokate, who went on to form the Clean River Alliance when he moved from the Del Norte area to the Russian River area in Sonoma County. To learn more about the Smith River Alliance, go to their website at To learn about the Clean River Alliance, go to