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13 December 2017

Community College Completion Grant

There is a new grant this Fall!

The Community College Completion Grant (CCC)  is available to students beginning this Fall 2017 semester. Students qualify for this grantby meeting all of the following criteria:

        Receive a Cal B or C award

        Receive the Full Time Student Success Grant

        Actively enrolled in 15+ units at the time of the FTSSG awarding

        Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA (or new student)

        Have a comprehensive Student Educational Plan (SEP) on file

This grant is $750 per semester for a maximum of $1500 per academic year. In order to maintain eligibility for future terms you should meet with a counselor for the following:

      A review of your SEP to ensure that it is comprehensive

      Monitoring for course enrollment as specified in your SEP

      Enrollment in at least 15 units, or 12 units if you are on track to complete your program in less than 30 units

      Review of your GPA to ensure that you are at a 2.0 or above

      Maintaining pace as specified in your comprehensive student education plan

Congratulations to the students receiving the grant this semester!


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