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21 December 2017

SAP Appeal Forms are now available! Deadline is March 23rd!

SAP Appeals are now available on the 2017/2018 Financial Aid Forms page!

For students who are already aware that they will need to submit an appeal, the form is now available here.

SAP standings will be sent out to students' CR email address after all grades are in. The current estimated time for SAP status to be determined is Jan 3rd.

Want to be prepared to submit a SAP appeal, but not sure if you will need to? You can wait for the email notification, or you can be prepared by gathering the following information to submit should you need to appeal:

  • Proof/documentation of any relevant extenuating circumstances
  • A copy of your Program Evaluation for your current academic program (available in WebAdvisor)  
  • A typed statement that addresses the following points where applicable:
    • Your current program; identify the number of units and specific courses still needed to complete your program
    • Your reason for changing program(s) this late in your education and/or the reason you are pursuing an additional degree  
    • Describe how your circumstances have changed so that you will meet the standards in the future
    • Describe your plan for using available Student Services to ensure academic success
    • List ALL semesters you did not meet the GPA standards
    • State the reasons why youryGPA and /or unit completion rate did not meet the standards  
    • State the reasons why you have exceeded the unit limit without completing your program 

The deadline for SAP appeals to be submitted for consideration for Spring 2018 financial aid is March 23, 2018. Appeal packets can be mailed to the financial aid office, dropped off in person to the Finacial Aid Office at any of the sites including Del Norte and Klamath-Trinity, or sent to the email address. Appeal packets can also be dropped in the drop boxed located outside of the Student Services/Admin building in Eureka or in the lobby of the Student Services/Admin building. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive an appeal decision. The Financial Aid Office is not able to provide updates on your appeal until a decision is made and you have received the decision via your student email address.