March 3, 2019

Syllabus Template Revision

The current syllabus template was developed several years ago to ensure that faculty include required content in their syllabi, such as curriculum committee approved student learning outcomes (SLOs). Colleges continue to receive recommendations from the ACCJC for not having SLOs included in the syllabus or having SLOs that differ from those in the approved COR. Title V also has additional requirements for syllabus content.

To provide faculty additional recommendations about syllabi information without being overly prescriptive, the template is being replaced with a one-page coversheet that has only the required information to keep us in good standing legally and with accreditors. This will be accompanied by several pages of recommended content that is not required, but some or all of which faculty may find helpful.

Instructional Council is reviewing a draft of the revisions now, and we hope to have something published this semester. 


ACCJC Annual Report

The Annual ACCJC Report was released this week for colleges to complete. Institution-set standards and stretch goals remain a primary part of the report. In addition, the report has undergone a few changes:

  • The report no longer asks colleges to report the percentage of courses and programs with completed student learning outcome assessment. 
  • Colleges must now explain significant enrollment changes from one year to the next (institution-wide and online).
  • Colleges must report individual programs experiencing  significant enrollment changes. 
  • The college’s graduation rate must be reported from the US Department of Ed Scorecard.

Fast Fact

CR Graduation Rates

Graduation within normal time (i.e., 2 years for associate, 1 year for 30 unit certificate)

100% of normal time: 5%

150% of normal time: 19%

200% of normal time: 27%

Source: US Department of ED Scorecard, 2013 cohort

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